Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Other Side Of Paige

It dawns on me more and more each day that Paige is less and less like a baby. She is a toddler, a little girl. She has her own little personality, which I love. She is very sweet, loving, caring but also has this amazing crazy side which pops out every so often. 

This is normally saved for me and daddy. This is because she is quite a shy little girl around people she doesn't know. She rarely has the stranger anxiety anymore but she won't just laugh and joke with anyone.

I think it's quite sweet that she saves a bit of herself just for us.

I like to think i'm similar. I'm quite a shy person. I'm quiet around people I don't know too well or have just met but I like to think that I come out of my shell around people I know, family and good friends.

I hope Paige isn't quite as shy as I used to be as a child but for now I think she has just the right balance.

My beautiful baby, toddler, little girl. 

I love you x


  1. I'm the same as you, shy but I can totally be myself around my OH etc.. which is very much the opposite. What adorable pictures..shows her really well! Her hair looks super cute too x

    WTTP - Living the dream, all but the farm

  2. She is so gorgeous! Dylan can be quite shy if someone comes up to him, but he has no qualms about approaching people. I think most littlies have a cheeky side that they only show mummy and daddy though and I love it

  3. Aw that is really lovely, and Mads is very much the same. It is nice they have a little bit reserved just for you. x


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