Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wedding Reveal - Part 1

I thought i'd do a little post showing a few little things that we have got so far for the wedding.
I don't want to give too much away so sadly you won't be seeing dresses or that type of thing until the big day.

Here is Marks buttonhole and Paige's flower wand. I wanted to keep their flowers quite neutral. They are ivory and simple but still cute. They are fake flowers as I wanted some that we could keep forever. This also means that they were of course a lot cheaper than real flowers. I have no idea if Paige will even hold hers. I think she will as she has a princess wand that she loves :) But if not it was only a few pounds and doesn't really matter. I do have my flowers too but I want them to be a surprise :)

Next up is part of our wedding favors. The date is blocked out as that is still a surprise for now but as you can see it defiantly is in November. The idea is for us to have a little sweet station that guests can help themselves too hence 'take a treat'. We kept the bags quite simple as you can see. What are your favourite sweets? We haven't yet decided on which sweets to use. 

Next up my wedding shoes... I'm not a huge shoes person. In fact I hate shoes. Yes I said it. I'm much more of a handbag person. But I did need some shoes to go with my dress. I did have a few requirement one being a small heel. I didn't want to have sore feet half way through the day and for the heels to work with my dress they couldn't be a high heel. These were £22! A bargain in my eyes.

Last up is my tiara. I'm still not 100% sure that I will actually wear it but I do love it. I need to find a hair style that works with a tiara and veil. I defiantly want to wear my veil as I think its completes the look. Check out my wedding hair thoughts so far HERE.

We do have other things but want to keep them a secret until the big day. We still have a few other things to get... the rings, my jewellery, Paiges outfit and some cuff links for Mark.

Only around 5/6 weeks to go now.

I'm so excited!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Aw it is such an exciting time. My wedding day was the best day of my life! Your shoes and accessories are beautiful x

  2. Hi Nicola,

    I know that by now you have already engaged and going through your blog I realized that you have sweet little daughter, Congrats! In post you said that you are not shoe loving person, but still if you want some good reference, I would strongly suggest Serendipityshoesadare. They have a wide collection of shoes and other wedding accessories.


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