Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wedding Reveal - Part 2

I was excited when we first started looking for wedding rings.We didn't want anything too fancy just simple wedding bands to symbolism that we are married. Mark isn't a big jewellery wearer and I wanted something simple to go with my engagement ring.

The first time we went looking I started to panic. Mark found a ring he liked straight away. But all the rings I tried I hated. They just didn't look or feel right. It felt so strange. How could a plain ring not feel right?

I decided to trust that when i'd found the ring I would just know, a bit like my wedding dress. Unlike my wedding dress I tried on a lot more than one.

We went looking again a couple weeks after the first time. I was a little worried as it was now less than 6 weeks to the wedding. I've always had to ave my rings adjusted as my fingers are small so they don' always stock my size. The second shop we went in and I found the ring! It did have to be re sized but luckily only took a week.

So now we have our wedding rings. I love how they look together. I can't wait to wear mine proudly on my finger in less than 4 weeks!!!

How did you feel about your wedding ring?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. oh they look lovely!! i haven't really started looking what i want but my engagment ring is wavy so i already got a jewellery in my hometown in mind to design me one to go with it.x

  2. WOW! The platinum wedding rings displayed above are looking amazing I would say. Though, the rings are simple, yet stylish. Today most of the couples are choosing their wedding ring in platinum metal as it is not only durable, but its unique white shine never fades. The most amazing thing about platinum ring is that you can customize it in your own way and you can also attach a love message that you want to convey to your dear ones.


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