Wednesday, 27 November 2013

18 Months Old

1 and a half years old!

How did that happen? I'm sure it only seemed like her birthday a couple of weeks ago. It's crazy how fast the time goes when you have a child.

Paige now weighs over 28lbs and has moved up to size 4+ nappies. Her others started leaking through the night so it was defiantly time to move up.

This month she has learnt to fake sneeze. No idea where she has picked up on it but it is the cutest thing ever and is now her new party trick. She also tries to sing row row row your boat. That has to be her favourite nursery rhyme and she loves acting it out while sat on our knee. She is also trying to say a lot more words. If you say a word to her she will have a go at saying it but doesn't quite manage. She has said three more words this month which are two, three and six. She loves trying to count.

Paige very much loves to dress and un dress herself now. She puts her hat, gloves and coat on and tries to put her shoes on and wants to go outside. She loves playing outside but also likes to wear her outdoor clothes inside and has spent many hours wearing her hat inside.

She is cutting her 12th tooth and will then finally be equal on her top and bottom jaws with just her vampire teeth (as I like to call them) to come in.

She is doing really well with her eating still and  from talking to other mums a lot better than other toddlers her age. She will try more or less everything you put in front of her but still has her favourites which are pasta dishes and chicken!

One of the best things this month has to be the cuddles. She has given kisses for a while but now will give cuddles when you ask her, proper little cuddles.

Mummy is late with this post and has only included one picture. Naughty mummy!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

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