Friday, 15 November 2013

Is Paige Named After A Teddy?*

When Paige was born we wanted to buy her something that she could keep forever. Something that was special to her. That she knew was from her mummy and daddy.

On our hunt for this something special we looked online first to try and find something that could be that special. The task wasn't easy. We wanted something that would keep forever and maybe one day, go up in value a little bit. I'm not talking about thousands of pounds but surely any added value on something has to be a good thing.

Me and Mark both know next to nothing about Antique Valuations and that wasn't at the forefront of our minds when picking Paige's special gift but to some people it is important. I Value My Stuff quite highly and they do mean a lot to me emotionally more than in value. Value My Stuff  appear to offer a user friendly service. They have a team of experts and value items, from old coins and wine to art, before selling or buying. A useful way to cash in on your unwanted items. I know Mark has some old coins upstairs that could do with been valued. They also featured on Dragons Den and received 100K funding – do you remember them?

I hope that when Paige gets older she will appreciate the time and effort that me and Mark went to, to pick her the perfect gift. I hope like me she will treasure it even if it doesn't increase in value.

So what is this mystery object...

Well she is cute, furry and also happens to be called Paige. Coincidence, I think not!

A teddy!

Growing up I always had a teddy that I kept from birth. I loved having her around and growing up with her. Paige loves teddies so it seems our gift was perfect for her. I love that the teddy is called Paige and no we didn't name her after it, that's another story.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


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  1. I had the funshine carebear when I was born the yellow one and when Thomas was born we managed to find him a blue one from the same old fashioned one I hope for a future baby we will be able to find either the green or pink one to complete the set


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