Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My little Artist*

As Paige has become older her artistic and creative side has started to show more and more as the weeks pass by. Not only has she become almost professional in the art of tower building, she has started compiling some great little pieces of work using her toys and various household objects.

Just the other day Paige was sat quietly building a tower from everything except her building blocks. It all started with a saucepan with a caterpillar strategically placed on top! She also tends to arrange a few toys on her changing mat until she is happy with there positioning and then smiles at them.

We always try to encourage her creative side and she absolutely loves to draw. Colouring books have taken a back seat to plain paper at the moment, but Paige seems to know what she likes to do.

Both Mark and myself were encouraged to be creative as children and this is possibly part of the reason we encourage it so much with Paige.

We just hope that Paige continues to follow her some what obvious artistic side. And who knows, one day she may produce an example of installation art good enough to be exhibited! But until that day comes we are more than happy to let Paige use our front room as her little studio, even if it does require a lot of tidying up!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. What a clever little missy ! The boys tend to be destructive in their creativity which I guess is ok too, just less refined than Paige. Glad she knows what she likes and glad you have recognised it and are encouraging it.

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