Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A Panic Attack

A panic attack wasn't the main aim of my day last Sunday.

We were doing the weekly food shop as usual for a Sunday. It was slightly busier than normal due to the time of year but apart from that everything else was the same.

We were about 80% done when I started to feel a little off. Something wasn't quite right. We stopped and I had a drink of water. My scarf felt like it was tightening up around my neck, I rushed to take it off. I became hot and faint. All I could see what blackness, my eyes kept going out of focus. Mark told me to sit down. As I walked away from him and Paige I struggled to breathe. My chest felt tight. The tears started to stream down my face. I finally made it to a chair. Mark was close by but not directly next to me as he had Paige in the trolley.

It got harder and harder to breathe. I had lost control. I sat there on the chair struggling to breathe. No one approached to see if I was ok, clearly I wasn't. After what felt like a lifetime I told myself I had to calm down, I had to gain control. After a few minutes I started to control my breathing. I regained control of my body.

I sat. Just staring into space. I'd just had a panic attack. I had no idea why and still don't now looking back on the situation.

I went to find Mark. I told him I was fine as he had carried on shopping as I just wanted to go home. He asked me how I felt and to be honest I felt fine. I felt better for having the panic attack as crazy as that sounds.

When we were at the checkout I started to feel panicky again. I was being rushed and hated that feeling. Somehow I managed to get it under control before it developed into another attack.

We got home. I had lunch then went to lay down. I had a huge headache and felt horrible. The rest of the day wasn't good. I didn't eat tea and slept a lot.

I'm hoping it was a one off. I wanted to write this post for me. For me to remember how horrible it felt and how I hope it won't happen again. If it does happen again I have this to look back on.

Have you dealt with panic attacks?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. Sounds like a horrible experience I hope it doesn't happen again perhaps try to keep away from busy shops over the next few weeks they are always awful this time of year x

  2. So sorry you had to struggle through that! Shopping Saturday had me feeling similarly...though my panic attacks aren't exactly like yours. They suck and I hope you won't have to deal with it again!

  3. I've had a panic attack like this too, many years ago whilst I was working as an usher at a concert hall - the rush of people walking around me during the interval was what set it off (even though I was used to the crowds as it was my job to deal with this every night) luckily it was a one off. Hope yours was too. xx

  4. What a horrible experience. I don't get panic attacks but I do get bad anxiety, hopefully it won't happen again. x


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