Monday, 2 December 2013

A Toothbrush For Christmas*

With Christmas just around the corner I've started my Christmas shopping. With Paige I find it so easy to buy her gifts. I feel like I know exactly what she will like. With Mark it's another story altogether. 

I've know him 6 years now so you'd think that I know what he likes and I do but Christmas presents are another thing all together. He is so fussy. Partly because he never wants me to spend money on him. He is so lovely that he just wants me and Paige to have presents but Im always telling that he needs treats too! He does so much for me and Paige throughout the year that I love buying him special things at Christmas. He doesn't get half the stuff me and Paige luckily do but he's ok with that and wouldn't have it any other way. 

I always seem to get him the same things each year which normally includes a pair of jeans and some Calvin Klein aftershave. I do remember the year I got him a toothbrush as a little stocking filler. I thought it was a fabulous present as he needed a new toothbrush, sadly he wasn't impressed and he still reminds me each year not to get him a tooth brush! 

There is also the more obvious present.... The computer/Xbox game. This fills me with dread. I know he would love it, especially if it's football related but I'd lose my husband for a few weeks. On the other hand maybe that's a good thing.... 

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Nicola Xx 


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