Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A trip to North Yorkshire*

As some of you may know we don't actually own a car. As a result of that Paige isn't used to travelling in a car but she is a pro at buses! She does have a car seat just incase we need one though. Sometimes we will use her car seat in family or friends cars but apart from that it never really gets used.

The last major trip Paige took in a car was when to went to visit my mum last year. She lives around 1 and a half hours away from us so for Paige this was quite a long time, especially since she doesn't go in a car that often. To be honest she didn't really like it. My mum actually lives in a tiny village in North Yorkshire. When I say tiny I mean it. There is literally 6 houses on her road! Nice for some but that isn't for me.

Whilst up there my mum took us out to the nearest big town to do some shopping. We packed the car up with Paige's pram and headed out. Whilst we were shopping the car was due to have new tyres. We had a lovely time walking around and by the time we headed back to the Tyre and auto centre group Paige was fast asleep.

If we take her shopping now she will, for the most part, sit forward in her pram and look at everything. If she goes in a car now the same thing happens but in her car seat.

Last week my dad took her out for the morning and this happened...

... She was so tired that she actually fell asleep in her car seat just like she used to do as a baby whenever we took her in a car.

We are hoping to get a car soon and there will be plenty of visits up to mums and down south to Mark's parents.

How is your little one in the car?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


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