Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Ferry vs Plane*

Can you believe I haven't gone abroad on holiday for about 7 years now?! When I was younger my mum would take me and my brother abroad every year. We went to Turkey, Greece, Spain and France. We travelled by plane and by ferry. I'm not very confident at flying although, as the years have gone on I have got better. Mark has actually never flown before at all.

We are wanting to take Paige abroad next year... With me a nervous flyer and mark having never flown before a ferry may be the way forward for us!

Britannia Ferries have put together this lovely infographic which shows the benefits of travelling by a ferry and why it's better than travelling by a plane for a family.
Ferry to France vs Plane

Have you travelled by ferry before?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. We live in Plymouth and the terminal is on our door step, in fact my aunty works for Brittany Ferries. So going on Holiday for us is easy its a 15minute drive then we are at the terminal and in my eyes on holiday ! I do feel sorry for people who live up the line tho when coming home as they have 6-8 hours of boring motorway ahead of them. I think being sat in a tin can on top of other people in essentially a jet propelled missile is ridiculous ! :-p (I'm a very bad flyer as well)

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