Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Me and Mine - December

This month we have two family pictures which are equally as bad as each other. So much so that I don't even want to post them. 

Christmas was crazy. Parker still isn't sleeping well. I don't think he ever will to be honest so the pictures we took were little snaps on Christmas Day. They were in the moment which means I didn't look over them after. Mark was holding the camera selfie style and the resulted in a picture that isn't the best.

But you know what... I don't care. It's still us. Slightly blurry, bad lighting and not everyone looking. I love the memory it gives us when looking at it though.

We have now completed a whole year of Me and Mine. A whole year of family pictures to look back on. The year we became a four. 



My favourites are May and June. I love seeing my big belly while we celebrated Paige's 2nd birthday and then holding Parker in my arms in June. They were always be such special pictures of our family.

I'm excited to carry on into 2015 and see how we all continue to change.

Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Years Resolutions Recap 2014

2014 was a big year. We did a lot of things we planned to. We moved house, got a car and welcomed our baby boy. An eventful year.

*2013 saw me buy my big camera. This year I'd like to properly learn how to use it so expect some posts and probably terrible pictures!

No. Well that didn't happen. A mixture of me trying a few times and not getting very far.

*We want to buy a car

YES. We got a new car a few weeks before Parker was born. Best thing ever.

*Move house or at least make plans to move

YES. We moved at the end of March so actually quite early in in the year.

*De-clutter before we move

KINDA. I did do some but I want to do some more.*I never paint my nails anymore and it seems like such a silly thing but I want to make time at least once a month to paint them this year.NO. I failed so much. I think I painted them a grand total of 5 times all year. I need to make time.

*Being a newly married couple I want me and Mark to spend one night a month having a date night. Be it at home with a take away and a film while Paige is in bed or out for coffee together on a Saturday afternoon.
NO. Another fail. We did so badly.

*2014 will hopefully see Paige starting nursery for a couple of afternoons. I want her to start mixing with more children and this will then give me a few precious hours with the new baby when he/she arrives

YES. Paige started nursery at the beginning of October. She loves it.

*In 2013 I did project 365 and loved it. I love that I have a specific picture from every single day of the year. It was hard to keep up to it at times but I did it and in 2014 I want to do something similar. So my resolution is to take a family picture each month. This year our family will grow and develop and I think having a record of that will be amazing.

YES. I am so happy that I managed to do this one. I hope to continue this into 2015.

*After the baby is born I also want to try and lose all/if not most of my extra baby weight before Christmas. This gives me 6 months. My aim is to fit into my pre pregnancy jeans!

YES. I did it. I have 1lb to go but I've fit into pre pregnancy jeans since around 8/9 weeks post partum.

*Id love a new iPhone this year. Mine is slowly dying so a new one would be amazing. I best get saving! 

YES. I got a new one. Not the most recent but I got a lovely shiny iPhone 5 a couple of months ago.

Overall I am quite happy with how I got on. I didn't do perfectly but oh well. Onto next year!

Nicola Xx

Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Paiges 3rd Christmas and Parkers 1st. Where does the time go? 
Last Christmas we announced we were pregnant and I was sat wondering what this year would be like with two. The answer is amazingly wonderful and tiring. 
Our Christmas started on December 23rd. We drove to my mums for her birthday and to celebrate with them early. We had a quick but lovely 27 hours. 
Christmas Eve was spent driving back from my mums and getting ready for the big guy. We gave paige and parker their Christmas Eve box and they loved it. We then made cookies for santa, watched the Peppa Pig dvd, wore Christmas pjs and read Christmas stories. Once paige and Parker were asleep me and mark had the task of sorting out presents. 



After too many wake ups during the night morning came. Paige and Parker didn't wake until 8am. Why is it when you want them to wake early they don't?! We opened stockings in bed then had breakfast. Next we headed down stairs. 
The look of pure joy and excitement on Paiges face was amazing. I can only imagine that  will get even better over the next few years. Parker was so excited too. He seemed a lot more aware than Paige did on her first Christmas. He was sat bashing presents trying to open them or jumping in his Jumperoo. We all got very spoilt and are so thankful for each and every gift. 
We enjoyed a day filled with each others company, toys and lovely food. I always love Christmas dinner. So yummy! 
I love the chaos of Christmas Day. Toys everywhere and wrapping paper covering the carpet. There was plenty of laughter and giggles from the children and tears from me (happy ones I promise). 
Boxing Day arrived and we were due to have family over but they were all ill. It meant we could chill out and have more family time. We ate more, played with more toys and watched Frozen. Our first ever time!
Overall our Christmas was amazing. Our first as a family of four. I can not wait for next year. Paige will be 3 and a half and Parker 1 and a half. Eeekkk!! 
I hope you all had a wonderful day. 
Nicola xx 

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve Box 2014

Last year I wanted to make Paige a Christmas Eve box but I never got round to it, mainly because I was suffering with bad morning sickness. This year I wanted to try again and succeeded. I decided that as Parker is still small I would make them a joint box this year but I may just do a joint box every year.

I didn't want to go crazy and add a million things too it but I just wanted a few little items for them to have on Christmas Eve. The plan is for them to open the box after tea.

The box includes...

A pair of pajamas for both Paige and Parker. I love the idea of having special Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. Both sets of pajamas were from Primark. Paige's were around £4 and Parker's were £10 but also came with a dressing gown (which I've wrapped up and a ginger bread man teddy which is in his stocking).

A Christmas DVD. This year I've gone with a Peppa Pig Christmas DVD. Mainly because I know Paige will love it. After tea and a bath we will all sit down and watch this together. This was from Primark and was £4.

The night before Christmas book. We have never read this book so I'm super excited to read this on Christmas Eve. This was £5ish from Asda and has a CD too.

A Christmas plate for Santa, this won't be included in every years box but I thought it made a nice addition to this years box and we can reuse it next year and for many years to come. It was from Matalan and was £8.

I also put some magic snow powder in as I thought it might be a fun activity to do with Paige. It was £1 from the PoundShop.

Last up we have a little chocolate penguin and polar bear. Parker won't eat his but I had to include two. A little treat for after tea while we are watching the DVD.


The box isn't anything fancy and I just wrapped up a plain box with Christmas paper. I know that they won't care what the box looks like so didn't bother buying one especially. This also made it cheaper as I just reused a box we already had.

Do you make Christmas Eve boxes?

Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Whats In Paige's Stocking - 2 Years 7 Months

 I'm so excited for Christmas this year. Paige understands so much more than last year and is so excited. She walks around saying ho ho ho Merry Christmas and wants two presents. Hehe. 

I had fun picking out the items for her stocking this year. Again we didn't want to go mad and everything we got wasn't expensive.

First up you may see a theme... Mickey and Minnie Mouse. This theme may continue with her actual Christmas presents along with Peppa Pig. These items came from a pound shop. She loves music and is constantly dancing and singing so she will love this music set, even if I don't hehe. I saw these flash cards and just had to get them. They were 2 for £1. Her speech is coming along so much so I though these would help. Paige always sees my thick fluffy socks and wanted some so I got her these Minnie Mouse ones. Again for £1.

She also loves my jewellery and dressing up so she will love this bracelet and necklace. It's so sweet and was from Primark for £1! She hasn't actually seen Frozen yet but she loves having her nails painted so we got her little blue sparkly polish to start her collection off.

Lastly are the sweet treats. We didn't go mad but wanted to get her a few things for her stocking. A selection of Haribo. I figure that because they are in small packets we can portion the sweets a little more plus Paige loves Haribo. These were from Aldi and again weren't expensive. Next up a chocolate Santa. I think this was from Aldi too at around £1. I saw this Minnie Mouse Pez in Primark. It was £1 and I couldn't resist. I used to love these as a child and I think Paige will too. Lastly is a mini candy cane... Just because I had some left over.

I don't think that stocking fillers should be expensive and I think Paige will love these little gifts. I can't wait for her to jump into our bed with us on Christmas morning and open them up!
Nicola Xx

Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Pictures 2014

The past few years I've taken Christmas pictures of Paige. This year I defiantly wanted to take some more and include Parker. The all important sibling shot was the main one I wanted and along the way I got some gorgeous pictures of both Paige and Parker separately.


I really love these pictures of my two. We had such a good time taking them. It was so cute. Paige loves that Parker can sit up now and I must admit it was lovely to sit a baby up and have them stay still so I could snap away.

Do you take Christmas pictures?

Nicola Xx
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