Friday, 31 January 2014

Me and Mine - January

Last year when this lovely linky started I had wanted to join in straight away. If you are a reader of my blog then you will know that I didn't. The problem for me wasn't actually taking the pictures but it was getting Mark in the pictures. He hates having his photo taken and although I didn't share them on the linky we do have a November and December picture from last year and this makes me so very happy. You may have seen the pictures i'm talking about on Instagram! November was a wedding picture and December was from Christmas.

This year he has agreed to taking part and letting me have a photo each month of us as a family. I especially wanted to join in this year as its going to be a big year for us. Our last few months of being a 3 and the first few months of us being a 4. With that being said here is our picture...

The picture isn't perfect but neither are we. I'm posing as usual, Mark isn't looking at the camera and Paige is being her cheeky self. But it is us, just chilling out on the sofa like we have done for most of this month.

We had to get a quick snap of Millie too as she is of course apart of our family. Paige was laughing so hard as she loves Millie. As you can tell Millie isn't a fan of having her picture taken but it was so fun!

That was my family in January. See you next month!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

dear beautiful

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Bump Update - 16 Weeks

This week the baby is around the size of an avocado. The circulation and urinary track are now fully functioning and the baby may even be playing with the umbilical cord.

I still have my stuffy nose and the odd headache which may be due to my low iron that we found out about in my 16 week midwife appointment.

At the start of the week I felt pretty rubbish. I managed another week without been sick but the nausea was very much still present. It was worse the days Paige woke up early and as a result of that I got less sleep. The relationship between sleep and nausea is strange to me. I never had it with Paige but then I could rest as much as I wanted. Food still sounds gross but I am managing to eat which is good. I haven't had any new cravings but I'm still enjoying fruit.

My skin is still rubbish although I have hope of it getting better.

I'm feeling bigger movements but still none from the outside yet. Still have plenty of time for that :)

Apart from that not much has happened this week. I found my old Doppler that we had with Paige but just like with Paige it is crap and doesn't pick up anything. I'm not worried as we heard the heartbeat at the midwife appointment and I can still feel the baby moving. I just wish Mark could hear the heartbeat as he wasn't able to come to the appointment with me.

Don't forget to check out week 15.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Monday, 27 January 2014

16 Week Midwife Appointment

I was so excited for this appointment, mainly because I knew I'd get to hear the heartbeat. Hearing the heartbeat never gets old. I thought that because I'd experienced a pregnancy before it wouldn't be as special but I was wrong and I'm glad I was wrong. It was just as special this time as it was with Paige. I was a little sad that mark wasn't able to come but Paige came with me. She looked so amazed when she heard the heartbeat. I know she didn't understand what it was but I told her and she listened ever so carefully.

I had all the other normal checks done and everything was ok. My blood pressure was good and my belly felt good.

We went over my blood work from 8 weeks and my iron was a little low meaning it would probably be ever lower now but the midwife wasn't concerned. I never had low iron with Paige but I'd heard it can be more common with second pregnancies and especially if there close together which mine are relatively close together. My midwife suggested Spatone as a way to hopefully avoid iron tables. I haven't heard good things about iron tablets so I'm going to try my best to boost my iron in any way I can. Plenty of red meat and leafy greens for me!

Apart from that everything was good and we just had a quick chat about any concerns that I may have. To be honest I don't have many. I finally starting to feel more human and the sickness seems to be taking a backseat. I must admit I am a little scared at how big this baby will be. Everyone thought Paige would be a 6lber so when she was born at 8lb 6oz everyone was shocked. I guess only time will tell.

My next appointment is at 25 weeks which seems really far away to me. But in the meantime I have my 20 week scan to look forward to in February.

How did your 16 week appointment go?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Friday, 24 January 2014

Mummy and Daddy's Bed

There seems to be something special about mummy and daddy's bed. Paige has never really slept in bed with us but when she was little I'd always bring her into our bed after Mark went to work. And now on most weekends she comes into our bed and snuggles with us.

I cherish these times because I know that there will be a time when she won't want to come and snuggle in our bed. I love that as she is getting that little bit older that she actually snuggles with us instead of fighting to get away like she would when she was closer to 1 year old. She also loves to go under the covers now which she used to hate. We regularly make dens and just hang out playing with toys or I just chat to her. I know she doesn't understand me completely but it feels special. It feels like we are the only people in the whole world, like at that moment in time nothing else matters. The rest of the house could be a mess, I could have piles of washing to do but it doesn't matter because I'm spending time with my best friend.

Each and every time Paige walks into our bedroom she has to climb under the covers and play hide and seek, whether we want her to or not. They joy in her face is clear to see as it lights up with delight. Such a simple thing and she loves it.

I had to get the camera out and capture some of these precious moments.


Does your child love mummy and daddy's bed?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bump Update - 15 Weeks

The baby is around the size of an apple this week and is practicing breathing with the amniotic fluid. Although bubba's eyes are fused shut he/she can now sense light if for example a torch in placed over my belly.

This week started off with a lovely stuffy nose. I don't think its so much a cold just a pregnancy stuffy nose kind of thing. I've also had a lot of headaches this week. I'm not really sure why. I'm thinking that maybe I've decreased my water intake without realizing so I'm going to up it and see if that helps.

Food and sickness wise I wasn't sick at all this week. It feels like such a big achievement to go a whole week without getting sick. I've still felt sick the odd time but overall we are getting there. The sickness actually calmed off around the same time with Paige. I'm not really feeling meals this week. Nothing sounds good and I'm not enjoying the foods that I do eat. I have enjoyed fruit salads and I craved cake which I am eating as I write this and it is yummy!!

When I wake up in the morning I can tell exactly where the baby is. He/she must ball themselves up during the night and in the morning my belly pokes out. Its so cute. I'm still feeling the baby move and still excited to feel proper kicks from the outside. I think this happened around 21 weeks with Paige.

I do think my belly is starting to pop properly now. I failed at getting a good bump shot this week where I was positioned properly so I've added an extra picture where you can properly see bump from the side :) This may be my favourite picture to date! This may be my last pregnancy so I'm trying to soak it all in now that I'm starting to feel normal.

Don't forget to check out 14 weeks.
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx

Monday, 20 January 2014

Second Time Nerves

You'd think that because I'd being through pregnancy before that I wouldn't be nervous this time around. This time around I'm nervous for different reasons. With Paige I was nervous how I'd cope as a new mum. I was scared how I'd handle the sleepless nights. I'd never held a newborn baby before yet alone looked after one.
This time I know how to deal with all that because I've done it before. I know that I'm a good mummy. That I can change a nappy quicker than Mark can sneeze (I'm that good!) That I can manage the sleepless nights with plenty of tea and cake.
I felt so lucky when Paige was a newborn. I loved every second. It all came so easily for me. It felt like my calling in life. I never wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer. I wanted to be a mum. To stay home and look after loads of children, to watch them grow, to kiss their knees when they hurt themselves, to bake cupcakes on a rainy afternoon. I'm so lucky that I get the chance to do that. Its hard at times and sometimes I do wish I had a 9-5 job but I wouldn't trade it for anything and I know a million mums would trade with me if they could. There's equally millions of mums that love working and that's fine too.
But I have days where I worry about being a mum to two children. Will I love bubba as much as I love Paige? Will I be able to split my time? Will I be any good? How will I handle the sleepless nights and chasing around after a crazy toddler?

Loads of questions rushing around my head which I'm sure are perfectly normal but it's scary. Exciting, yes, but scary, very scary.

Everyone says that going from 1 to 2 children is the hardest thing. After that they all just fall into place. You're already a pro at managing your time and splitting your attention. I'm sure we will be fine but I guess the unknown is scary. I've never being a mummy to two children before. I have no idea how I will handle it.

Did you have second time nerves?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Friday, 17 January 2014

20 Months Old

20 seems like a very big number. It seems so much more grown up than 19 months. That little bit closer to turning 2. That little bit closer to becoming a big sister.

This month Paige has defiantly come along with her speech. Shes said so many new words this month. Some of them are beep beep, chair, table, rairy (fairy) and bear. She can also say eyes, nose and mouth and identify them on a teddy or person.

Another development this month is that she has taken an interest in puzzles and is pretty good. For Christmas she got a little farm animal puzzle and she loves it! She can complete the puzzle in less than 30 seconds if she is concentrating. She does get a little frustrated if she can't do it that quickly though, normally this happens when the board is upside down.

She also LOVES teddy bears. She always has to have at least 3 with her at all times. She still isn't attached to a particular one but does have favourites.

She is very quickly outgrowing 18-24m clothes, in fact at the end of January we are off to buy her a whole new set of clothes as she only had a few outfits left that fit her. She's now a size 6 in shoes.

Paige has also picked up some very naughty habits from me and Mark. I am a lover of sweet things and Mark is a lover of crisps. Paige has picked up both of these which isn't good, bless her. But she still eats all her fruit and veg so I can't complain. She tried porridge this month and spat it out straight away! It was so funny. I haven't seen food leave her mouth so quickly. She never liked baby porridge as a baby but we will keep trying.

She still has 12 teeth with one so close to cutting through. It seems to be taking a good while to come through though.

The Cheese Face
She officially hasn't napped since about a week after she turned 18 months old. On an average night she sleeps 12 hours but is tired by 3/4pm but just won't nap. I'm losing hope of her ever napping again.

I can't believe that in 4 short months she will be turning two! Why does it go so fast?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Bump Update - 14 Weeks

14 weeks already! It's flying by so quickly already that I'm scared to miss any single moment. With Paige's pregnancy I felt like I experienced everything 110% and this time I'm busy running after Paige. I don't want to miss a thing.

This week the baby is the size of a lemon. He/she can now frown, squint and suck it's thumb. Paige does this awesome grumpy face so this week I've imagined a tiny lemon sized Paige with her grumpy face on. It's made me giggle when I've felt sick.

A big change this week... I stopped taking my anti sickness tablets. Part of my decision to stop taking them was because I had run out. Getting both me and Paige ready and walking to the doctors is a pain. I know, silly reason but I guess I needed a reason to try going it alone. I hated taking them I really did. I know that the baby is healthy but you can't help but feel guilty when pregnant. The first two day were awful, luckily it was timed just right as it was a weekend and Mark was off  work so I got to sleep when I needed to and just rested, a lot! The third day was a lot better, I felt half normal until around 1pm and then 9pm. These times I feel sick. I'm not sure why but hopefully it will get better. In total I was sick 3 times this week which I think is pretty damn good. I had more bad days than good day but it was close and at least I had some good days.

Tiredness is still a problem but I think it's slowly getting better. I'm not sure if it will get 100% better as I'm chasing after Paige all day but we will see. I'm not sleeping too well either.. I sleep soundly until around 5am and then can't seem to fall back asleep properly.

I'm still feeling the baby move once or twice a day which is lovely. I can't wait for Mark to start feeling him/her moving.

I'm still in my normal clothes and my skin is still pretty bad but I think its getting better. I still haven't had any cravings and to be honest I think I'm starting to go off food. I'm not enjoying meals at all.

I think that is about everything. Catch up on 13 weeks if you missed it and I will be back next week with week 15!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Monday, 13 January 2014

A Winter Walk and Muddy Knees

Over the weekend we decided to go for a family walk. To be completely honest I haven't being out much in the past few weeks. I love being at home anyway but when I'm in early pregnancy I tend to stay home even more purely because I don't feel good. But this past week I've really had the urge to get out of the house and as it wasn't raining for once we decided to do just that.

We all got ready and headed to our local park. Paige loved running around as we chased her and loved the mud. She loved it so much that her favourite thing to do was chuck herself forward into it!

The weather stayed dry for us but it was cold. I think we lasted around an hour before we decided to head to the chip shop. Everyone needs fish and chips when there cold! We hurried home, changed out of our muddy clothes and tucked into our fish and chips.

Mark not wanting to hold Paige because she was muddy!
Paige loved every second and got to wear her wellies for the first time. She looked hilarious trying to walk in them at first but soon got the hang of it. I cherish this time together so much more because of the baby. I know that we will soon become a four and as excited I am about that things will change and Paige won't be the only child anymore.

Does your toddler enjoy getting dirty?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bump Update - 13 Weeks

I was going to do these in secret every week and then post the first ones up until 12 weeks but with the sickness I just never got round to it so I'm starting at week 13.

At week 13 the baby is around 7cm long and the size of a pea pod. Bubba now has tiny fingerprints and is concentrating on getting nice and big.

My symptoms this weeks have included nausea and sickness, tiredness, fuller breasts and bad skin. My nausea and sickness started at around 5 weeks, with Paige it started at 6 weeks and lasted until 16 weeks. I'm hoping it doesn't last any longer this time but I know all pregnancies are different. With running around after Paige I've found this time around particularly hard. I can't sleep when I want to and can't rest as much as I'd like. I've found that tiredness makes my sickness worse so I try my best to get a good nights sleep. Paige hasn't napped in a month now so I don't have that time to nap or rest. I'm also on anti sickness medication this time. I was very unsure about taking it as I hate taking anything during pregnancy apart from prenatal vitamins but I just wasn't coping. I couldn't look after Paige while throwing up 4/5 times a day. It was getting silly and with Paige it developed into me being sick 10-15 times a day, I didn't want it to get that bad this time. I take 3 tablets a day and some days I can manage on two. I try to take as less as possible but it's still a work in progress. Most of the time they help with the nausea but I am still sick sometimes. At 13 weeks I can normally go 3 days without getting sick but during the earlier weeks I was still getting sick 3/4 times a day. Eating little and often does help and I'm still eating something small every hour or two. If I'm having a bad day I'm normally sick and feel crappy until 3pm then I'm normally a little better. It sometimes hits me again around 9pm when I normally take my last tablet and send myself off to bed. I've felt a little crap in general this week but I think the tiredness from Christmas and the new year isn't helping. I'm hoping it will get better next week.

The tiredness this time is unbelievable. I'm pretty sure it's because I'm running around after Paige all day too but between 1-3:30pm I'm normally so out of it because I'm so tired. During that time I literally have to fight to stay away. I normally play a game with Paige or put some music on, anything to keep me from falling asleep. My tablets can also make me a little drowsy which certainly doesn't help.

My skin is so bad. I have multiple break outs and did when I was pregnant with Paige too. It cleared up during the second trimester so I'm hoping for the same this time but if not I can handle a few spots for the sake of a healthy baby. During the first few weeks my hair was also super greasy even after just washing but I changed my shampoo and this seems to have helped loads. Maybe a coincidence but I'm not complaining.

My boobs are so much fuller than normal but were never really super tender. This isn't a huge pregnancy symptom for me but its defiantly noticeable to me.

I'm still in my normal clothes and you can't really tell I'm pregnant when I have my normal jeans and a top on but I have my maternity clothes at the ready and I'm honestly looking forward to wearing them. It will mean I actually look pregnant and not just like I've eaten a big meal. I've decided to do my belly pictures in a tight vest so that you can actually see my bump :)

At 13w3d I'm sure I felt baby move and I have felt the baby every day since. I felt Paige move at 16 weeks and they do say you feel the second earlier as you already know what to expect.

I haven't had any wild and weird cravings as yet but I have gone off a few food, cheese and cheese and onion crisps being the two that stand out. I'm also a little fussy with meats and this week I can't stand drinking water on it own.

I think that just about sums up 13 weeks. See you for week 14!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Monday, 6 January 2014

Dating Scan

As I mentioned before I did have a scan at 7w1d. This was purely to check there was only one baby and that the baby was ok. It wasn't considered a dating scan.

Today is December 23rd and I have my 12 week scan. I'm now 12 weeks 3 days and due at the beginning of July.

First up Mark wasn't able to make this scan. He did see blob at 7 weeks and now will have to wait until the 20 week scan. I'm sad he couldn't make it but instead a very close friend came with me. She was able to hold my nervous hand and also keep Paige under control a little as she loves her!

We arrived about half an hour early. The plan was to sit down and for me to finish drinking my water. Instead they asked me to go in straight away. I told the lady that I hadn't drunk enough water yet and she said we would see how we got on.

The moments before the scan are always so scary. Your mind fills with all kinds of thoughts. I laid there on the bed with my top pulled up. The lady started scanning. She found the baby straight away. Our slightly crazy baby was laid in such a strange position that to actually get a good view I had to tipped up on the bed. My legs were higher than my head and to be honest it was quite uncomfortable. She had to press quite hard into my stomach to get measurements and a good picture. A good picture was top of my list to show Mark.

When I first saw the baby again my first thoughts were how big it was. It looked so much more developed than Paige at the same stage. The baby was measuring 13w 1d which according to my dates is a lot closer than the hospitals dates. Even though they are refusing to change my due date we will have to see what baby is measuring at the 20 week scan which is booked for February. They are taking into account my first scan at 7w 1d and are more measuring off of that one which to me seems silly as the baby was only a blob then and very hard to measure. For now I will stick to my original due date although I could be 4/5 days further along. This will only come into play if I go overdue. They will then take into account that I could be 4/5 days further along.

After the scan we rushed home so I could phone Mark and tell him all about it. I saw the babies heartbeat, the two sides of his/her brain, hands, feet, arms and legs. It really was amazing and the ultrasound tech was really good at pointing everything out. The baby measured nearly 7cm then and I have an anterior placenta just like I did with Paige. 

Stay turned for my bump updates!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx 

Friday, 3 January 2014

Hospital Visit

By now I would of revealed to you all that I'm pregnant. Right now I'm writing this at 7 weeks 1 day. I wasn't planning on doing a post this soon but this little baby obviously has other plans.

Today is 16th November, 5 days before my wedding. I went to the doctors yesterday to try and get help with my morning sickness. I couldn't keep any food down and honestly didn't want to face the wedding that way. After a few tests the doctor found a lot of keytones in my urine and had to send me to hospital. While at hospital I had bloods done and an ecg among a lot of other tests, I also had to have a drip and some anti sickness medicine. I was there for a few hours and thankfully got to go back home and narrowly missed out on getting admitted and staying the night.

This morning we were back at the hospital. They had booked me an early scan just to check that everything was ok with the baby and to put my mind at ease a little. During the scan we first saw the heartbeat. The baby was measuring 7w1d and was 4 days behind what I thought it should measure but everything looked good. I was also showed that I had a bleed inside. I did have a tiny bit of spotting around 5/6 weeks but she said I should expect more. She also said that my body should absorb the bleed and that hopefully on my next scan everything would look normal. I could of had the same with Paige but because I didn't have an early scan so I never knew.

I'm scared. Scared of bleeding.

I'm nervous. Nervous about how I'll manage the sickness and looking after Paige.

Blob at 7w1d
During the past week or so I've been so quiet on twitter and on here, I'm hoping people put it down to the wedding and not a pregnancy :) I wanted to keep up blogging and tweeting as much as possible. I wanted it to be a surprise, just like it was for us. Read about how we found out here.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014

I honestly can't believe the time has come yet again to write my resolutions. The last year has flown by at a silly speed. 

2013 was a big year. Our beautiful baby girl turned 1 and we got married. I still can't believe that either of those things happened. I will always remember 2013 but wonderful reasons. 

But 2014 promises to be just as exciting. I feel like I have so much hope and excitement for 2014. I honestly just want everything to go to plan. I want a healthy baby to be born, we want to buy a car and hopefully move house. I feel like those three things alone are all quite big within there own right and cramming all three into one year seems scary, exciting but scary. 

So my resolutions for 2014...

*2013 saw me buy my big camera. This year I'd like to properly learn how to use it so expect some posts and probably terrible pictures!

*we want to buy a car

*move house or at least make plans to move

*declutter before we move

*I never paint my nails anymore and it seems like such a silly thing but I want to make time at least once a month to paint them this year.

*being a newly married couple I want me and Mark to spend one night a month having a date night. Be it at home with a take away and a film while Paige is in bed or out for coffee together on a Saturday afternoon. 

*2014 will hopefully see Paige starting nursery for a couple of afternoons. I want her to start mixing with more children and this will then give me a few precious hours with the new baby when he/she arrives

*In 2013 I did project 365 and loved it. I love that I have a specific picture from every single day of the year. It was hard to keep up to it at times but I did it and in 2014 I want to do something similar. So my resolution is to take a family picture each month. This year our family will grow and develop and I think having a record of that will be amazing.

*After the baby is born I also want to try and lose all/if not most of my extra baby weight before Christmas. This gives me 6 months. My aim is to fit into my pre pregnancy jeans!

*Id love a new iPhone this year. Mine is slowly dying so a new one would be amazing. I best get saving! 

Wow that seems like a lot of resolutions. I think most of them are very achievable and I will do my best to do them all. A few are once monthly things so I think this makes them a little easily.

What are your resolutions for 2014?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Project 365 - Week 52

Monday 23rd December
Me and my BABIES!
Tuesday 24th December
Playing Santa
Wednesday 25th December
Christmas dinner
Thursday 26th December
Love my family
Friday 27th December
13 Weeks today
Saturday 28th December
Paige isn't impressed
Sunday 29th December
Monday 30th December
Buns :)
Tuesday 31st December

This year has flown. I'm so glad I managed to complete project 365 but if was tough!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

New Years Resolutions - Final Update

I'm a little scared to write this final update on my New Years resolutions my because I think I failed terribly.

See my 6 month update.

1. Lose my baby weight before Paige turns 1 in May. Done and I kept it off! Although I am pregnant again so it will be joining me once more.

2. I'm quite a tidy freak and I get quite anxious if things aren't tidy. I want to try and relax a little bit this year. I don't want our house to be a mess but I don't want to be that focused on cleaning that I miss out on playing with Paige and spending quality time together. I think I've managed this one, mainly because of the pregnancy and I've been too tired and sick to do anything but sleep and try eat. 

3. Project 365. To take a picture everyday for the whole of 2013. DONE!

4. I want to either get married this year or at least book a venue for 2014. Ideally I'd love to get married before Paige is 2. We did it! On November 21st we got married. 

5.I also love reading but since having Paige I don't have the time and I have about 12 books that I want to read. I'm aiming for one a month. Huge fail. I haven't even read half a book.

6. My last resolution is a treat for myself. I'm starting to get more into photography and would love to own a better camera. I'm aiming to save for the Nikon D3100. Done!

I'm actually quite pleased with myself. I could of tried a lot harder with reading a book a month but I just couldn't find the time.

2013 was a very good year. Here's to a good 2014!

How did your resolutions go?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx
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