Monday, 27 January 2014

16 Week Midwife Appointment

I was so excited for this appointment, mainly because I knew I'd get to hear the heartbeat. Hearing the heartbeat never gets old. I thought that because I'd experienced a pregnancy before it wouldn't be as special but I was wrong and I'm glad I was wrong. It was just as special this time as it was with Paige. I was a little sad that mark wasn't able to come but Paige came with me. She looked so amazed when she heard the heartbeat. I know she didn't understand what it was but I told her and she listened ever so carefully.

I had all the other normal checks done and everything was ok. My blood pressure was good and my belly felt good.

We went over my blood work from 8 weeks and my iron was a little low meaning it would probably be ever lower now but the midwife wasn't concerned. I never had low iron with Paige but I'd heard it can be more common with second pregnancies and especially if there close together which mine are relatively close together. My midwife suggested Spatone as a way to hopefully avoid iron tables. I haven't heard good things about iron tablets so I'm going to try my best to boost my iron in any way I can. Plenty of red meat and leafy greens for me!

Apart from that everything was good and we just had a quick chat about any concerns that I may have. To be honest I don't have many. I finally starting to feel more human and the sickness seems to be taking a backseat. I must admit I am a little scared at how big this baby will be. Everyone thought Paige would be a 6lber so when she was born at 8lb 6oz everyone was shocked. I guess only time will tell.

My next appointment is at 25 weeks which seems really far away to me. But in the meantime I have my 20 week scan to look forward to in February.

How did your 16 week appointment go?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. I was on iron tablets throughout pregnancy and for months after and all it did was make me feel very sick! .. Eating lots of the right stuff and crossing my fingers this time.. Awww yay for the heartbeat :) craig never gets to come to mine either :( xx

  2. They made me suffer a GTT cause they said I was pale. The results came back normal & I didn't have a problem with my iron levels. Lots of steak mmm cereals have sources of iron in aswell.

  3. I was on iron tablets throughout my whole pregnancy with both girls. And after too! And hearing the heartbeat is amazing, such a lovely moment to share with paige! x

  4. I was on iron tablets throughout my pregnancy, and now I have to have b12 jabs as my body doesn't absorb and keep hold of the type of iron it needs!

    I was predicted a 6lb baby, and everyone told me how tiny my bump was. I ended up having a 8lb 10oz baby at 39 weeks!

    Glad your appointment went well :) Hearing the heartbeat is amazing!

    Tess xx

  5. Awww, so happy for you all.

    I was on iron tablets too but I was fine with them. They didn't make me feel sick or constipate me (think it was cause I was eating lots of fruit)
    I have always had rubbish iron levels even before being pregnant. I think it's cause I don't tend to eat a lot of red meat or cereals etc. xx

  6. I've been taking spatone as I was on iron tablets for both my previous pregnancies. Iron tablets are ok, I just made sure that I had a bowl of bran flakes every day to counteract their side effects!

    Fab that you got to hear the heartbeat - we have a doppler at home which I use every week to check on bubs. My 16 week appointment was cancelled so I'm going in next week...makes it feel more real when the appointments start!

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