Friday, 17 January 2014

20 Months Old

20 seems like a very big number. It seems so much more grown up than 19 months. That little bit closer to turning 2. That little bit closer to becoming a big sister.

This month Paige has defiantly come along with her speech. Shes said so many new words this month. Some of them are beep beep, chair, table, rairy (fairy) and bear. She can also say eyes, nose and mouth and identify them on a teddy or person.

Another development this month is that she has taken an interest in puzzles and is pretty good. For Christmas she got a little farm animal puzzle and she loves it! She can complete the puzzle in less than 30 seconds if she is concentrating. She does get a little frustrated if she can't do it that quickly though, normally this happens when the board is upside down.

She also LOVES teddy bears. She always has to have at least 3 with her at all times. She still isn't attached to a particular one but does have favourites.

She is very quickly outgrowing 18-24m clothes, in fact at the end of January we are off to buy her a whole new set of clothes as she only had a few outfits left that fit her. She's now a size 6 in shoes.

Paige has also picked up some very naughty habits from me and Mark. I am a lover of sweet things and Mark is a lover of crisps. Paige has picked up both of these which isn't good, bless her. But she still eats all her fruit and veg so I can't complain. She tried porridge this month and spat it out straight away! It was so funny. I haven't seen food leave her mouth so quickly. She never liked baby porridge as a baby but we will keep trying.

She still has 12 teeth with one so close to cutting through. It seems to be taking a good while to come through though.

The Cheese Face
She officially hasn't napped since about a week after she turned 18 months old. On an average night she sleeps 12 hours but is tired by 3/4pm but just won't nap. I'm losing hope of her ever napping again.

I can't believe that in 4 short months she will be turning two! Why does it go so fast?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. I thought the thought of them turning 1 was bad but 2 seems sooooo grown up! Her hair looks gorgeous like that, little princess :) She's gunna be a super big sister x

  2. I love her cheesy smile! Lovely photo's I'm sure she'll make a great big sister!

  3. What a little stunner x gorgeous photos xxx

  4. It goes so fast - it feels like weeks since my Son was born. He's two and a half. I can't believe he starts nursery soon, and how much he's changed in such a short amount of time.
    It's lovely watching a little baby you created grow into a happy, and very talkative, toddler :)

    Tess x


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