Monday, 13 January 2014

A Winter Walk and Muddy Knees

Over the weekend we decided to go for a family walk. To be completely honest I haven't being out much in the past few weeks. I love being at home anyway but when I'm in early pregnancy I tend to stay home even more purely because I don't feel good. But this past week I've really had the urge to get out of the house and as it wasn't raining for once we decided to do just that.

We all got ready and headed to our local park. Paige loved running around as we chased her and loved the mud. She loved it so much that her favourite thing to do was chuck herself forward into it!

The weather stayed dry for us but it was cold. I think we lasted around an hour before we decided to head to the chip shop. Everyone needs fish and chips when there cold! We hurried home, changed out of our muddy clothes and tucked into our fish and chips.

Mark not wanting to hold Paige because she was muddy!
Paige loved every second and got to wear her wellies for the first time. She looked hilarious trying to walk in them at first but soon got the hang of it. I cherish this time together so much more because of the baby. I know that we will soon become a four and as excited I am about that things will change and Paige won't be the only child anymore.

Does your toddler enjoy getting dirty?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Ahhh, lovely photos. It looks like you had a lovely day out. And you can't beat a nice play in the dirt in a pair of wellies. x

  2. So cute - my little girl is OBSESSED with leaves and muddy puddles! x fab photos xxx

  3. Lovely photos, Dylan loves wearing his wellies and getting filfthy although I think I came home from the park the muddiest today somehow!

  4. My Son does - We were out walking earlier, and he had to find the biggest, muddiest puddle to jump in! His shoes are filthy!

    Tess x

  5. Gorgeous photos lovely and it looks like a lovely walk. I love Paige's little hat! x

  6. Thanks to peppa pig harry will jump in any puddle dirty or not ! He is a dirt magnet lol ! Love the muddy knees !

    1. Thank you. Paige has never watched Peppa Pig. Can you believe it?

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