Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Bump Update - 14 Weeks

14 weeks already! It's flying by so quickly already that I'm scared to miss any single moment. With Paige's pregnancy I felt like I experienced everything 110% and this time I'm busy running after Paige. I don't want to miss a thing.

This week the baby is the size of a lemon. He/she can now frown, squint and suck it's thumb. Paige does this awesome grumpy face so this week I've imagined a tiny lemon sized Paige with her grumpy face on. It's made me giggle when I've felt sick.

A big change this week... I stopped taking my anti sickness tablets. Part of my decision to stop taking them was because I had run out. Getting both me and Paige ready and walking to the doctors is a pain. I know, silly reason but I guess I needed a reason to try going it alone. I hated taking them I really did. I know that the baby is healthy but you can't help but feel guilty when pregnant. The first two day were awful, luckily it was timed just right as it was a weekend and Mark was off  work so I got to sleep when I needed to and just rested, a lot! The third day was a lot better, I felt half normal until around 1pm and then 9pm. These times I feel sick. I'm not sure why but hopefully it will get better. In total I was sick 3 times this week which I think is pretty damn good. I had more bad days than good day but it was close and at least I had some good days.

Tiredness is still a problem but I think it's slowly getting better. I'm not sure if it will get 100% better as I'm chasing after Paige all day but we will see. I'm not sleeping too well either.. I sleep soundly until around 5am and then can't seem to fall back asleep properly.

I'm still feeling the baby move once or twice a day which is lovely. I can't wait for Mark to start feeling him/her moving.

I'm still in my normal clothes and my skin is still pretty bad but I think its getting better. I still haven't had any cravings and to be honest I think I'm starting to go off food. I'm not enjoying meals at all.

I think that is about everything. Catch up on 13 weeks if you missed it and I will be back next week with week 15!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Ah bless you. The sickness can't be nice. I have been so lucky and didn't get morning sickness with my first, nor with this one. Tiredness I definitely did get with this one though, especially in the first 15 weeks or so. I had exactly the same problem as you (and still do actually) or waking up early and not getting back to sleep! :(
    Michelle x

    1. Awww, you have being lucky. The tiredness is hard especially with a toddler. Xx


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