Monday, 6 January 2014

Dating Scan

As I mentioned before I did have a scan at 7w1d. This was purely to check there was only one baby and that the baby was ok. It wasn't considered a dating scan.

Today is December 23rd and I have my 12 week scan. I'm now 12 weeks 3 days and due at the beginning of July.

First up Mark wasn't able to make this scan. He did see blob at 7 weeks and now will have to wait until the 20 week scan. I'm sad he couldn't make it but instead a very close friend came with me. She was able to hold my nervous hand and also keep Paige under control a little as she loves her!

We arrived about half an hour early. The plan was to sit down and for me to finish drinking my water. Instead they asked me to go in straight away. I told the lady that I hadn't drunk enough water yet and she said we would see how we got on.

The moments before the scan are always so scary. Your mind fills with all kinds of thoughts. I laid there on the bed with my top pulled up. The lady started scanning. She found the baby straight away. Our slightly crazy baby was laid in such a strange position that to actually get a good view I had to tipped up on the bed. My legs were higher than my head and to be honest it was quite uncomfortable. She had to press quite hard into my stomach to get measurements and a good picture. A good picture was top of my list to show Mark.

When I first saw the baby again my first thoughts were how big it was. It looked so much more developed than Paige at the same stage. The baby was measuring 13w 1d which according to my dates is a lot closer than the hospitals dates. Even though they are refusing to change my due date we will have to see what baby is measuring at the 20 week scan which is booked for February. They are taking into account my first scan at 7w 1d and are more measuring off of that one which to me seems silly as the baby was only a blob then and very hard to measure. For now I will stick to my original due date although I could be 4/5 days further along. This will only come into play if I go overdue. They will then take into account that I could be 4/5 days further along.

After the scan we rushed home so I could phone Mark and tell him all about it. I saw the babies heartbeat, the two sides of his/her brain, hands, feet, arms and legs. It really was amazing and the ultrasound tech was really good at pointing everything out. The baby measured nearly 7cm then and I have an anterior placenta just like I did with Paige. 

Stay turned for my bump updates!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx 


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