Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014

I honestly can't believe the time has come yet again to write my resolutions. The last year has flown by at a silly speed. 

2013 was a big year. Our beautiful baby girl turned 1 and we got married. I still can't believe that either of those things happened. I will always remember 2013 but wonderful reasons. 

But 2014 promises to be just as exciting. I feel like I have so much hope and excitement for 2014. I honestly just want everything to go to plan. I want a healthy baby to be born, we want to buy a car and hopefully move house. I feel like those three things alone are all quite big within there own right and cramming all three into one year seems scary, exciting but scary. 

So my resolutions for 2014...

*2013 saw me buy my big camera. This year I'd like to properly learn how to use it so expect some posts and probably terrible pictures!

*we want to buy a car

*move house or at least make plans to move

*declutter before we move

*I never paint my nails anymore and it seems like such a silly thing but I want to make time at least once a month to paint them this year.

*being a newly married couple I want me and Mark to spend one night a month having a date night. Be it at home with a take away and a film while Paige is in bed or out for coffee together on a Saturday afternoon. 

*2014 will hopefully see Paige starting nursery for a couple of afternoons. I want her to start mixing with more children and this will then give me a few precious hours with the new baby when he/she arrives

*In 2013 I did project 365 and loved it. I love that I have a specific picture from every single day of the year. It was hard to keep up to it at times but I did it and in 2014 I want to do something similar. So my resolution is to take a family picture each month. This year our family will grow and develop and I think having a record of that will be amazing.

*After the baby is born I also want to try and lose all/if not most of my extra baby weight before Christmas. This gives me 6 months. My aim is to fit into my pre pregnancy jeans!

*Id love a new iPhone this year. Mine is slowly dying so a new one would be amazing. I best get saving! 

Wow that seems like a lot of resolutions. I think most of them are very achievable and I will do my best to do them all. A few are once monthly things so I think this makes them a little easily.

What are your resolutions for 2014?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx 


  1. Sounds like a good collection of resolutions. For the last few years I've set myself photo related ones and I've found them really easy to stick to because I love taking photos so much. I hope we'll see you linking up your family photo with Me and Mine each month. x


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