Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Resolutions - Final Update

I'm a little scared to write this final update on my New Years resolutions my because I think I failed terribly.

See my 6 month update.

1. Lose my baby weight before Paige turns 1 in May. Done and I kept it off! Although I am pregnant again so it will be joining me once more.

2. I'm quite a tidy freak and I get quite anxious if things aren't tidy. I want to try and relax a little bit this year. I don't want our house to be a mess but I don't want to be that focused on cleaning that I miss out on playing with Paige and spending quality time together. I think I've managed this one, mainly because of the pregnancy and I've been too tired and sick to do anything but sleep and try eat. 

3. Project 365. To take a picture everyday for the whole of 2013. DONE!

4. I want to either get married this year or at least book a venue for 2014. Ideally I'd love to get married before Paige is 2. We did it! On November 21st we got married. 

5.I also love reading but since having Paige I don't have the time and I have about 12 books that I want to read. I'm aiming for one a month. Huge fail. I haven't even read half a book.

6. My last resolution is a treat for myself. I'm starting to get more into photography and would love to own a better camera. I'm aiming to save for the Nikon D3100. Done!

I'm actually quite pleased with myself. I could of tried a lot harder with reading a book a month but I just couldn't find the time.

2013 was a very good year. Here's to a good 2014!

How did your resolutions go?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

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  1. Well done!! You completed the majority of them! Have you set any for this year at all? xx


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