Friday, 28 February 2014

Me and Mine - February

This month has flown. So much so that we left our picture to the last minute again. My aim this year is to get at least 1 month when the picture is done before the last day... wish me luck!

One good thing about our picture this month is the we are all looking at the camera! This is a very rare occasion and I'm sure when baby boy comes it will become an even rarer occasion.

This month we are in our bedroom. Probably Paige's favourite room because she loves to bounce on the bed. She also loves to play hide and seek under the covers... hence the picture below :)

Although February is the shortest month of the year it was a big month for us as a family. We found out that a little boy will be joining us later in the year. We are all over the moon and can't wait for him to join us. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that months picture and seeing if it will be in June or July that he makes his appearance. But for now I am more than happy to enjoy life as us 3 with my ever growing belly.

We will never have a February with just us three again!!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

dear beautiful

Toddler Baking - Chocolate Cornflake Buns

I won't pretend that chocolate cornflake buns are baking but it was such a lovely little project to do with Paige that I couldn't resist sharing.
For those who don't know how to make chocolate cornflake buns, first off how on earth can you not know and secondly it's so easy Paige did 90% on her own.
What you need:
Buns cases
What to do:
Melt the chocolate
Mix with the cornflakes
Spoon into buns cases and let the chocolate set
It really is that easy and Paige loved it! All I did was melt the chocolate and she did the rest. It was so cute watching her mixing everything and then spooning the mixture into the bun cases. The best bit was defiantly watching her lick the spoon once she had finished.

It made a boring, rainy afternoon very messy but also very fun!
Have you and your toddler made chocolate cornflake buns?
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Review - Envie De Fraises*

When I was pregnant with Paige I didn't buy many maternity clothes, to be honest I didn't really see the point, I only got essential things. In my eyes these were maternity jeans, some comfy lounge trouser (because they were £3 in the sale), new bras and two maternity tops. For the most part I just wore my regular clothes and it was fine. I mean towards the end it got harder with things I could wear but I wasn't going to go buy extra clothes so near to the end.

This time is different. For Christmas I asked Mark specifically for some maternity clothes. Comfort is a big thing when your pregnant. Your carrying and growing a Human inside your belly, you have enough aches and pains without the added pressure of not feeling comfortable or confident.

When Envie De Fraises got in touch asking me to review some of their items I couldn't possible say no. I was able to pick a few pieces from their website which was amazing!

First up I picked my staple maternity item... Maternity jeans. A must for every pregnant lady in my eyes. I picked the straight Maternity jean. I was very excited for these to arrive. When pregnant with Paige it took me weeks to find some maternity jeans that I liked and fit well. I wish I had known about Envie De Fraises then because these jeans are amazing. So comfy and such a good fit. The jeans are a little long for me but at 5'4 i'm not the biggest. I simple roll the bottoms up and problem fixed. The waist has an extra adjustable section which is very useful as at the moment the jeans are a little big around the waist. I can simple adjust them as my belly grows. The only slight downside to these jeans are the belly band. My other maternity jeans have a lower bump band and these are slightly higher. I'm not sure if it will change as my belly get even bigger but the top of the band comes to a slightly awkward place on my belly and with some tops you can see the band underneath. The jeans retail at £74.75. Which considering the quality and wear you would get out of them I'd defiantly pay myself!

Next up I chose the maternity top with lace shoulders. I love how soft this top is. It is such a comfortable piece. It is quite a basic top with the added lace detail but this makes it perfect to be able to dress up or down. The top retails at £28.74  which isn't a bad price at all. I also wear this top as a jumper with a little vest underneath to layer it up when it's a little chilly outside. The top is plenty long enough to cover my bump as it grows even bigger meaning it will last throughout the whole of my pregnancy.

Maternity pjs weren't something that I even thought about buying when pregnant with Paige or even this time around to be honest. With Paige I mostly wore Marks pj bottoms and one of his t shirts. I honestly thought that was the most comfortable thing until now. Having tried out the maternity and nursing pjs from Envie De Fraises I would never wear marks pjs again. Such comfortable and useful items. As the name suggest the top has the extra piece of material enabling you to breast feed discretely. I do hope to breast feed this baby so these will also come in handy after the baby is born too and I plan to pop them into my hospital bag. The top allows for plenty of bump growing and trousers are very comfortable. The set retails at £45.99. I wouldn't even think of paying that for a pair of pjs but these are so much more. Considering they would last you throughout your entire pregnancy and while you were nursing I'd say the price is very much justified. I didn't fancy putting pictures up of me wearing the pjs so here is this picture from the website.

Picture from Envie De Fraises

Last up is the Maternity dress with waterfall front and long sleeves. I'm honestly not much of a dress person except for special occasions but if I had tried on a maternity dress before I would of worn them sooner. They take comfort to the maximum while a still looking good. I love the detail on the neckline and the attached belt lets you pull the dress in. Mark also loves me in this dress. It does make my bump look bigger than it is because of the extra material but I quite like that. This dress retails at £45.99.

All the clothes look and feel great quality. I have tested the items over a good few weeks so they have been washed quite a few times and they still look as good as they did when I first received them. My favourite items has to be the jeans just because of how good they make me feel. I ordered all the clothes in my pre pregnancy size and all fit well but still have that important room for my bump to grow.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent these items for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

Monday, 24 February 2014

Bump Update - 20 Weeks

Baby boy is the size of a banana this week and is practising swallowing.

I'm huge, well at least I feel huge. My coat is starting to get tight so I'm praying for the warmer weather to come, hehe.

This week has been pretty good and I've felt quite good too. I rarely feel sick unless I don't eat every couple of hours. My cold and stuffy nose has gone which is nice.

I started my iron tablets this week and did feel sick around 2 hours after I took the first one but I think I've managed to find a way to help overcome that but more about them tablets in another post. We had our 20 week scan this week so that was lovely to be able to see the baby and find out that he's a boy.

My skin is still rubbish and I'm totally blaming all these boy hormones. I've noticed that I'm very emotional too. I feel like its a lot more than I was with Paige too.

I'm still feeling the baby kicking loads and rolling around. I think he's making the most of the space he has while he still has it hehe.

Don't forget to check out week 19.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Friday, 21 February 2014

20 Week Scan

If you have seen my poem from a big sister post you will know that the baby is BOY!! We are over the moon at the fact that baby is a boy. Of course either way we would have being but a boy is lovely.

Let me back up a little and tell you exactly how we found out.

The day of my scan was exactly when I turned 20 weeks. Mark was working a half day like all Fridays and we were to meet him at the hospital for 3:50pm. My dad picked me and Paige up then dropped me off to meet Mark. We decided that my dad would take Paige to his house to watch her while we had the scan/ On my letter from the hospital it said that small children would be asked to wait outside the room with the partner or whoever else was with you so that the sonographer could properly concentrate on all the measurements that he/she had to take. Then they partner and child would be allowed back in for a first minutes to see the baby at the end. With Mark not seeing the baby since 7 weeks I really wanted him to see the whole scan and not miss a moment so not having Paige there was the best thing. She was there for my 12 week scan though and did so well.

We got there, signed in and were sat in the waiting room. By this point I was needing a wee and really quite nervous. I knew that deep down the baby was ok because I had felt bubba kicking all day but still I felt nervous. We didn't have to wait long and the sonographer came to collect us and take us into that all familiar room to do the scan. I laid on the bed with Mark to my side and we waiting to see our baby.

One thing we learnt about the baby was that he was laid straight across my stomach, with his head to my right and legs to my left. It was so strange to me as Paige at this stage was always head down. He is also a wiggler. The sonographer had to repeat a few measurements because he wouldn't keep still.

It still amazes me all the details you can see on the 20 week scan. The brain, the 4 chambers of the heart, toes, fingers, bladder, kidneys... everything! Everything measured perfectly and he is measuring about a week ahead now. At my 12 week scan he measured about 5 days ahead so he is defiantly growing well.  During the scan while measuring the sonographer also showed us the front of baby's face. I'm still not used to seeing that imagine. It honestly scares me a little to see the bones and eye sockets! We did see baby yawning though which was cute. He also had his legs right above and in front of his face towards the end. No idea how he was comfy like that, hehe. She asked if we wanted to know the sex and we said yes. She then showed us a shot of between the legs. Me and Mark both stared in silence. It was pretty obvious that he was a boy and was showing us quite clearly yet we just sat there. She then said 'it's a boy'. Mark shouted as loud as he could 'YES' and I cried my eyes out. I had already started crying earlier in the scan so this just pushed me over the edge. I couldn't believe how lucky we were to have a healthy baby and that he was a boy.

After that the sonographer went onto check my placenta. We were told at my 12 week scan that my placenta was anterior and it sure is. The sonographer checked a few different angels and my birth canal is totally clear so that is good.

We left the scan feeling a little overwhelmed and very happy.
Our second precious baby. A baby boy.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Thursday, 20 February 2014

21 Months Old

Wow, 3 months until Paige is 2. That is beyond crazy. I can't even put into words how that makes me feel. Apart of me still struggles to believe that she is 1!

Paige seems to have come along way this month. At the beginning of the month she was constantly hitting. Mostly just me which wasn't nice. She'd be as nice as anything with Mark then hit me constantly. As my bump has gotten bigger I've got more scared, not of her hurting me but of her hurting the baby. She just saw it as a game and thankfully stopped after a week or so.

She learnt to say hat, bye while waving, eyes, nose, teeth, toes.

She loves playing tea parties and with her happy land toys she got for Christmas. She is also really good at playing with other children of various ages from her own right up until 9 years old (I have some little cousins that she loves to play with). Colouring is still very much her favourite thing to do and she will sit and colour for ages. She also wants us to play with her a lot more. She takes us by the hand and normally sits us down at her little table for us to play with her. Its lovely at times but means that I can barely get anything done. She also always wants to play Millie and will give her toys. Sadly Millie doesn't always feel the same, hehe.

She knows where her eyes, nose, ears, month, teeth, belly, hands and toes are. She lifts up my top if we ask her where the baby is and will stroke and kiss it.

This month she has become so affectionate. She will randomly give us cuddles and kisses. Its so sweet. She never properly hugged before. She is also getting very attached to her panda teddy and carries him around everywhere with her.

Hasn't napped properly since just over 18 months old and I don't think it will come back now. She has fallen asleep twice this month when she woke at 6am but normally she wakes up anyway between 7am-8:30am. And will go to bed at 7:30pm without a nap.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bump Update - 19 Weeks

This week the baby is the size of an heirloom tomato. Some people suggest that the baby can now hear the mothers voice :)

This week my belly has defiantly started to pop. I can wear maternity clothes even if some are still too big but there so comfy that I don't care.

I also got a cold this week which isn't too fun, as a result I'm still feeling pretty tired. I also had one day this week where I felt particularly sick.

I can feel the baby a good 3/4 separate times a day now. Spaced out and a lot in the morning and last thing at night. Mark also felt the baby kicking... finally. With Paige he felt her at around 21 weeks I think so a couple of weeks earlier this time which is nice. It was just before we went to sleep and the baby was going crazy!

My hands and back have been itching this week a lot. It started a couple of weeks ago to be honest but it didn't occur to me that it could be pregnancy related. With Paige I had an itchy belly and that is perfectly normal considering all the stretching that the skin is doing in that area. After mentioning it to a midwife she sent me for some emergency blood work just to be extra safe. I got the results back not even 24 hours after and thankfully everything was fine with my liver, which could of been the cause. The test did reveal that my iron levels were still low so I need to go on iron tablets. I'm a little scared to be honest, I have heard some pretty horrible side effects but I am also trying to eat more iron rich foods and snacks.

My skin is starting to look a bit better... lets hope it continues! I've also noticed that my leg hair is growing a lot slower than normal... bonus!

Bring on next week. Don't forget to check out week 18.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Monday, 17 February 2014

The Best Blanket Fort*

At 21 months Paige loves blankets. She is obsessed with them but it wasn't always the case. I remember when she would get scared having covers over her head and it being so dark. We tried playing peek a boo when she was younger and she hated it! Now she loves hiding underneath them, playing peek a boo and building little forts. Of course we have to help her with the last one but we don't mind.

The Furniture Market currently have a competition running to win a fabulous £100 Love2Shop voucher!

To enter it couldn't be easier than these simple steps...

1) Build a fort with your children
2) Take a picture
3) Post the picture on social media using the hashtag #BlanketFortComp and tag @MarketFurniture

With Paige's love of forts and particularly hiding under them we just had to have a go. As Paige is so young I wanted to keep the fort quite simple so used the dining table as a base and it worked perfectly. I wanted to use chairs but thought the table was more stable. I placed some blankets over the top and our fort was ready.


With the added extras of a few teddies and pillows inside to make it a little more comfortable. I think its safe to say that Paige quite enjoyed her blanket fort. We played in there for ages and had a wonderful time. The excitement and joy on Paige's face was amazing to see.

Have you built a blanket fort?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - In association with The Furniture Market*

Review - Smart Trike 4 in 1 Dream tricycle with Touch Steering*


When we first received the Smart Trike 4 in 1 Dream tricycle with touch steering I was so excited to put it together. We had wanted to get Paige one but wasn't sure how much use she would get out of it so we left it.

Putting it together took around 15/20 minutes. It was fairly easy to do but I will say that the steering gave us a few issues. On the product page on the Smart Trike website it actually shows you a video of how to put the smart trike together. We found this very useful when it came to the steering. The other elements are pretty easy to put together using the information leaflet. It didn't take us too long and we had the steering done.

In the box
Our first test drive was a success. Paige loved been in the smart trike and looked quite comfortable. We made the trike up in stage 1 mode first which is suitable from 10+ months. We did this purely so that Paige could get used to the trike as she had never being in one before. I loved the extra padding it had and the sides add a security element for when the child is that little bit younger. Something I did notice on our first test drive was that Paige wasn't very good at keeping her feet on the footrest, which also fold away. She soon got the hang of this but would occasionally get lazy and drop her feet. She is quite tall for her age so when she dropped her feet they did drag on the floor. Paige also tends to push the foot rest back up as she catches her feet. The pedals also fold up when not in use.
On the second outing Paige was much more used to the smart trike. We were also a lot more used to the steering. The steering of this smart trike is very special. It has dream touch steering. As a parent pushing the trike you only have to use slight movement in the handle for it to steer. I'm not sure if we haven't fitted the steering 100% correctly but ours steers right a lot easier than it steers left. I do love the printed bag on the parent handle. It makes such a great place to store snacks or keys, anything really. The handle is of course adjustable so will suit parents of different heights and both me and Mark have no problems.

There is also a parent foot brake which of course is very much needed and works well. The trike also has a front wheel clutch which makes it perfect to free wheel. Along with suspension and shock absorbing rubber wheels it gives the child a smooth ride and makes it nice to push.

The trike also came with a sun canopy which is great when the trike is used during the warmer months. When these pictures were taken I left the sun canopy at home as it was pretty windy but it is a decent size and covers the child well.

Paige loves the little addiction of the mobile phone. She loves riding in the trike while pressing all the buttons. Such a lovely idea to add a little toy to help keep the child entertained. She also loves the drinks holder and can take her sippy cup out by herself and have a drink whenever she wants. She has no trouble what so ever taking it out and putting it back in, meaning I don't have to stop every two minutes to pass her a drink.

We haven't yet tried the Smart Trike in the 18 month mode as the weather has being fairly rubbish but I see no problems in Paige adjusting to the next level now that she older. The third mode is quite interesting and I can't wait to try Paige with that when she is 2. In this mode the sides come off which help it transition perfectly into the last and fourth mode which is without the parent steering. This mode is suitable from 30-36 months. As Paige goes through each stage I will do update posts on how she is getting on with the Smart Trike so my review can be as detailed as possible. 

I think the Smart Trike is such a great product. It lasts from 10-36 months. I think it would make a great first birthday or Christmas present that will last the child a good couple of years. This particular trike has a retail price of around £99.99. Compared to other trikes it is more expensive but with the other trikes you aren't able to have the parent touch steering and use it for so long. It also comes in a choice of 6 colours which means there will be something for everyone!

Has your child got a Smart Trike?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent the Smart Trike in return for this review but also views and opinions are my own*


Friday, 14 February 2014

A Poem From A Big Sister


I Hope Its A Boy

As soon as I started telling people that I was pregnant I got the usual questions like most do. When are you due? Do you have morning sickness? Will you find out the sex?

I also got the statement of I hope its a boy.

It seemed strange to me why people would say this. Yes we already have a little girl but the perfect family isn't always one boy and one girl. You don't have to have one of each.

Don't get me wrong if bubba is a boy we would be over the moon but if bubba is a girl we would be equally as happy. I think that for Paige to have a little sister would be amazing. Just as amazing as her having a little brother. The fact that she will get to grow up with a sibling close in age is amazing in itself!

Surely it shouldn't matter the sex of the baby. All that matters is that bubba is healthy and growing well. And we are very thankful that he/she is doing well so far.

During the first few weeks the statement used to really annoy me and it still does to be honest. Fair enough if people think the baby will be a boy that's fine just don't say that your hoping its a boy because we already have a little girl. I'm hoping the baby is healthy and that's all you should hope too!

We honestly don't have a preferred sex and never did with Paige. Both me and Mark would love a boy or a girl for different reasons. A boy would be a different experience and it would mean that we get to do so much more shopping and go blue crazy. But a girl would mean that Paige has a sister close in age, something neither me or Mark had. It would also mean that we could reuse a lot of Paige's things which would save us a lot of money.

The sex of the baby was decided at conception, weeks and weeks ago. That's set in stone now although no one yet knows.

We probably will find out the gender if baby lets us. But we may still keep it a secret from everyone else, we aren't sure what we want to do yet. Although I have some pretty fun ideas on how to announce the sex if we do find out and decide to tell all.

Did you get statements on the sex of your baby?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bump Update - 18 Weeks

This week the baby is the size of a bell pepper. The baby is also busy moving around and being a wiggle bottom.

We will start with a rubbish note first this week. I was sick again :( booooo. I'm hoping that my sickness isn't coming back and it was just a random one off. It was late at night right at the beginning of the week. The morning after I was sick I actually felt the baby kicking from the outside of my belly. I will admit that I totally cried my eyes out. I was just so overwhelmed that this little baby inside of me had kicked my hand. That they are now big enough for me to feel from the outside. Our bodies are truly amazing! Mark still hasn't felt the baby but hopefully he will by next week.

We are in major counting down mode. I can't wait to see the baby again and Mark hasn't seen the baby since my scan at 7 weeks. The baby looked like a blob then so this time will be a huge difference for him. I'll be exactly 20 weeks for my scan so not too long left! I'm so excited!

Food is a major pain in the bum. I know I have to eat but I just don't want to. I'm also trying to eat more beef in the hopes of getting my iron levels up. I'm also taking my multi vitamin and do notice a huge difference in my energy when I take it so that is good. I haven't had anymore food aversions or cravings this week.

My skin is still rubbish but that's nothing knew.

I'm starting to actually feel pregnant now. There's no hiding it when I have a tight top on and I am loving showing more. My bump still feels low. I'm not sure if its because my stomach muscles aren't half as strong as they were with Paige of if it's because maybe I'm carrying a boy so this pregnancy is just different. Did you carry differently with each pregnancy?

Don't forget to check out week 17!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Mummy Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Gemma over at Sunshine On A Cloudy Day and my close friend Kerry over at Oh So Amelia. This seems like quite a fun tag so here we go!
1. Are you a Stay at Home Mum, or a Working Mum?
I am a stay at home mummy. 

2. Would you have it any other way?
While Paige (and eventually the baby) are young I wouldn't have it any other way. Me and Mark always said that we would love for me to stay home with our children for as long as possible. I do find it hard at times and currently feel like I'm losing myself a little but I'm hoping to start up a little at home business to keep me on my toes.

3. Do you co-sleep?
Nope and we never did with Paige. She always quite liked having her own space even as a newborn and both me and Mark were happy with that. Who knows what bubba will be like.

4. What is your one must-have item for your baby?
I'd have to say our swing. In them early days it comes in very handy and Paige loved hers. For older babies I'd say the jumperoo. They maybe quite expensive but there amazing!

5. How many kids do you plan on having?
I would honestly love loads but Mark isn't so keen. I'm hoping for 3 though!

6. Date nights? How many do you have per month?
We have more date afternoons than nights and probably get them around once a month. This is actually one of New Years resolutions. 

7. Your child's favourite show?
Paige loves Raa Raa The Noisy Lion and Same Smile.

8. Name one thing you brought before you had the baby and never ended up using?
Honestly not a lot. While pregnant with Paige I did a lot of research of baby products as I didn't want to waste money buying things that other people didn't find useful.

9. Your child's favourite food?

10. How many cars does your family have?
We currently don't have a car although we would love one. We are hoping to get one later this year.

11. Weight gain, before pregnancy, during, after and now?
Before having Paige I was a size 6/8. During pregnancy I put on around 2 and a half stone. After pregnancy I lost all the weight and was back in a size 6/8. Currently at 19 weeks pregnant I've put on 5/6lbs.

12. Dream holiday with your kids?
When Paige is a bit older we would love to take her to Disney World. 

13. Dream holiday without your kids?
Somewhere with sun, sea, sand and lie ins 😊

14. How has your life changed since having kids?
I honestly can't remember life without Paige too well but it wasn't half as fun!

15. Finish the sentence "It makes heart melt when..."
Paige give kisses and hugs me, Mark or bump.

16. Where do you shop for your kids?
Mostly Next or Mothercare. But when Paige was a baby a lot came from Primark, they are the perfect in between sizes clothes.
17. Favourite make-up and skincare products?
Make up would have to be my collection 2000 concealer. Defiantly a mummy must have! For skin I'd say my Neutrogena 2 in 1 face wash and mask.

18. Huggies or Pampers?
Pampers for nappies but I love huggies pure wipes. 

19. Have you always wanted kids?
Yes. When I was little and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I'd always say a mummy.

20. Best part of being a mum?
Watching your child grow and develop. It's such a bitter sweet thing to watch but totally amazing,

I tag anyone who wants to take part!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx 

Monday, 10 February 2014

Review - Tiffany Rose Maternity Dress*

Pregnancy is such a hard time for many women, not all pregnancies go perfectly to plan. With this said the occasional treat is defiantly needed in pregnancy. There's so many changes happening inside your body that reflect in the outside. One of the things I find hard is my changing body shape. Some women love the change and I do too but I takes me a while to get used to it. I won't lie, I do find putting on weight quite hard. I feel that because I'm so small any weight that I put on really shows. 

With that said having some proper maternity clothes is a big must for me. They fit with your new shape and enhance it. They give me confidence and honestly make me feel nice. 

This Tiffany Rose dress is a very special piece of maternity wear. When I first looked at the site it took me at least a few days to decide which dress to review. There all gorgeous and I would of loved every single one. I picked the Amelia dress because I personally think that you can't go wrong with a little black dress. To feel confident while not pregnant i'd wear a little black dress so why not do the same while pregnant. 

The dress arrived in the most gorgeous packaging. It defiantly felt special when I received it. The dress itself was wrapped in tissue paper. I first tried the dress on about 3 weeks ago and I loved the fit. Obviously my bump wasn't as big as it is now but the dress still looked lovely and I had room to grow. 

I ordered the dress in a size 8/10 as my pre pregnancy size is an 8, sometimes I run a bit smaller. But I think the sizing is perfect. The dress fits me well but I still have room to grow which is super important for maternity wear.

One of the first things I noticed about the dress was how comfortable it was. I could of literally slept in it. For me maternity wear has to be comfortable and this dress defiantly is! The dress also comes with a black satin sash which is included in the price. I do think this is a good option but personally I found it quite hard to make it stay on me. I'm not sure if it's because I am so petite but no matter how hard I tied it, it just came loose. So you will notice that I did take it off. I also felt a little like a present when it was tied with a bow to the front but on the model on the website it does look fabulous and I think it would work for some women. But I love that you have the option to wear it or not.

I love the lace overlay and I feel like a princess when I'm wearing it. It honestly makes me smile and feel good. Another thing I love about the dress is the boat neckline. I think that its quite flattering and if like me and don't like a deep necklace then it's the perfect choice.

The sleeves are three quarter in length which is very flattering for most people. A lot of women don't like there arms and I'm not one of these people but I love the length of the sleeves. They give a bit of cover and I like that.

The length of the dress is also nice. It is 73cm from under the bust to the hem. Now I'm only 5'3 and a half (the half is very important) so I am quite petite but I think the dress looks nice. In a perfect world I think I would like it to fall just a little bit higher so the lace came just below my knee. This would, for me, be the difference of a few cm's so if you are taller than me the dress would be perfect.

The Amelia dress retails at £169 which I think is really good. It may seem expensive for a maternity item of clothing but for a special occasion dress it is reasonably priced. It could be worn to many different occasions and Mark actually took me out for a lovely meal in mine. I'm also looking forward to  wearing the dress around my birthday at the beginning of April. I will be around 30 weeks then so I look forward to seeing how the dress fits my bump then but I have no concerns that it will look perfect.

Have you tried a Tiffany Rose maternity dress?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent this dress for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

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