Thursday, 20 February 2014

21 Months Old

Wow, 3 months until Paige is 2. That is beyond crazy. I can't even put into words how that makes me feel. Apart of me still struggles to believe that she is 1!

Paige seems to have come along way this month. At the beginning of the month she was constantly hitting. Mostly just me which wasn't nice. She'd be as nice as anything with Mark then hit me constantly. As my bump has gotten bigger I've got more scared, not of her hurting me but of her hurting the baby. She just saw it as a game and thankfully stopped after a week or so.

She learnt to say hat, bye while waving, eyes, nose, teeth, toes.

She loves playing tea parties and with her happy land toys she got for Christmas. She is also really good at playing with other children of various ages from her own right up until 9 years old (I have some little cousins that she loves to play with). Colouring is still very much her favourite thing to do and she will sit and colour for ages. She also wants us to play with her a lot more. She takes us by the hand and normally sits us down at her little table for us to play with her. Its lovely at times but means that I can barely get anything done. She also always wants to play Millie and will give her toys. Sadly Millie doesn't always feel the same, hehe.

She knows where her eyes, nose, ears, month, teeth, belly, hands and toes are. She lifts up my top if we ask her where the baby is and will stroke and kiss it.

This month she has become so affectionate. She will randomly give us cuddles and kisses. Its so sweet. She never properly hugged before. She is also getting very attached to her panda teddy and carries him around everywhere with her.

Hasn't napped properly since just over 18 months old and I don't think it will come back now. She has fallen asleep twice this month when she woke at 6am but normally she wakes up anyway between 7am-8:30am. And will go to bed at 7:30pm without a nap.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


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