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Review - Envie De Fraises*

When I was pregnant with Paige I didn't buy many maternity clothes, to be honest I didn't really see the point, I only got essential things. In my eyes these were maternity jeans, some comfy lounge trouser (because they were £3 in the sale), new bras and two maternity tops. For the most part I just wore my regular clothes and it was fine. I mean towards the end it got harder with things I could wear but I wasn't going to go buy extra clothes so near to the end.

This time is different. For Christmas I asked Mark specifically for some maternity clothes. Comfort is a big thing when your pregnant. Your carrying and growing a Human inside your belly, you have enough aches and pains without the added pressure of not feeling comfortable or confident.

When Envie De Fraises got in touch asking me to review some of their items I couldn't possible say no. I was able to pick a few pieces from their website which was amazing!

First up I picked my staple maternity item... Maternity jeans. A must for every pregnant lady in my eyes. I picked the straight Maternity jean. I was very excited for these to arrive. When pregnant with Paige it took me weeks to find some maternity jeans that I liked and fit well. I wish I had known about Envie De Fraises then because these jeans are amazing. So comfy and such a good fit. The jeans are a little long for me but at 5'4 i'm not the biggest. I simple roll the bottoms up and problem fixed. The waist has an extra adjustable section which is very useful as at the moment the jeans are a little big around the waist. I can simple adjust them as my belly grows. The only slight downside to these jeans are the belly band. My other maternity jeans have a lower bump band and these are slightly higher. I'm not sure if it will change as my belly get even bigger but the top of the band comes to a slightly awkward place on my belly and with some tops you can see the band underneath. The jeans retail at £74.75. Which considering the quality and wear you would get out of them I'd defiantly pay myself!

Next up I chose the maternity top with lace shoulders. I love how soft this top is. It is such a comfortable piece. It is quite a basic top with the added lace detail but this makes it perfect to be able to dress up or down. The top retails at £28.74  which isn't a bad price at all. I also wear this top as a jumper with a little vest underneath to layer it up when it's a little chilly outside. The top is plenty long enough to cover my bump as it grows even bigger meaning it will last throughout the whole of my pregnancy.

Maternity pjs weren't something that I even thought about buying when pregnant with Paige or even this time around to be honest. With Paige I mostly wore Marks pj bottoms and one of his t shirts. I honestly thought that was the most comfortable thing until now. Having tried out the maternity and nursing pjs from Envie De Fraises I would never wear marks pjs again. Such comfortable and useful items. As the name suggest the top has the extra piece of material enabling you to breast feed discretely. I do hope to breast feed this baby so these will also come in handy after the baby is born too and I plan to pop them into my hospital bag. The top allows for plenty of bump growing and trousers are very comfortable. The set retails at £45.99. I wouldn't even think of paying that for a pair of pjs but these are so much more. Considering they would last you throughout your entire pregnancy and while you were nursing I'd say the price is very much justified. I didn't fancy putting pictures up of me wearing the pjs so here is this picture from the website.

Picture from Envie De Fraises

Last up is the Maternity dress with waterfall front and long sleeves. I'm honestly not much of a dress person except for special occasions but if I had tried on a maternity dress before I would of worn them sooner. They take comfort to the maximum while a still looking good. I love the detail on the neckline and the attached belt lets you pull the dress in. Mark also loves me in this dress. It does make my bump look bigger than it is because of the extra material but I quite like that. This dress retails at £45.99.

All the clothes look and feel great quality. I have tested the items over a good few weeks so they have been washed quite a few times and they still look as good as they did when I first received them. My favourite items has to be the jeans just because of how good they make me feel. I ordered all the clothes in my pre pregnancy size and all fit well but still have that important room for my bump to grow.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent these items for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

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  1. These look lovely, I will definitely check them out if we have another baby!


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