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Review - Smart Trike 4 in 1 Dream tricycle with Touch Steering*


When we first received the Smart Trike 4 in 1 Dream tricycle with touch steering I was so excited to put it together. We had wanted to get Paige one but wasn't sure how much use she would get out of it so we left it.

Putting it together took around 15/20 minutes. It was fairly easy to do but I will say that the steering gave us a few issues. On the product page on the Smart Trike website it actually shows you a video of how to put the smart trike together. We found this very useful when it came to the steering. The other elements are pretty easy to put together using the information leaflet. It didn't take us too long and we had the steering done.

In the box
Our first test drive was a success. Paige loved been in the smart trike and looked quite comfortable. We made the trike up in stage 1 mode first which is suitable from 10+ months. We did this purely so that Paige could get used to the trike as she had never being in one before. I loved the extra padding it had and the sides add a security element for when the child is that little bit younger. Something I did notice on our first test drive was that Paige wasn't very good at keeping her feet on the footrest, which also fold away. She soon got the hang of this but would occasionally get lazy and drop her feet. She is quite tall for her age so when she dropped her feet they did drag on the floor. Paige also tends to push the foot rest back up as she catches her feet. The pedals also fold up when not in use.
On the second outing Paige was much more used to the smart trike. We were also a lot more used to the steering. The steering of this smart trike is very special. It has dream touch steering. As a parent pushing the trike you only have to use slight movement in the handle for it to steer. I'm not sure if we haven't fitted the steering 100% correctly but ours steers right a lot easier than it steers left. I do love the printed bag on the parent handle. It makes such a great place to store snacks or keys, anything really. The handle is of course adjustable so will suit parents of different heights and both me and Mark have no problems.

There is also a parent foot brake which of course is very much needed and works well. The trike also has a front wheel clutch which makes it perfect to free wheel. Along with suspension and shock absorbing rubber wheels it gives the child a smooth ride and makes it nice to push.

The trike also came with a sun canopy which is great when the trike is used during the warmer months. When these pictures were taken I left the sun canopy at home as it was pretty windy but it is a decent size and covers the child well.

Paige loves the little addiction of the mobile phone. She loves riding in the trike while pressing all the buttons. Such a lovely idea to add a little toy to help keep the child entertained. She also loves the drinks holder and can take her sippy cup out by herself and have a drink whenever she wants. She has no trouble what so ever taking it out and putting it back in, meaning I don't have to stop every two minutes to pass her a drink.

We haven't yet tried the Smart Trike in the 18 month mode as the weather has being fairly rubbish but I see no problems in Paige adjusting to the next level now that she older. The third mode is quite interesting and I can't wait to try Paige with that when she is 2. In this mode the sides come off which help it transition perfectly into the last and fourth mode which is without the parent steering. This mode is suitable from 30-36 months. As Paige goes through each stage I will do update posts on how she is getting on with the Smart Trike so my review can be as detailed as possible. 

I think the Smart Trike is such a great product. It lasts from 10-36 months. I think it would make a great first birthday or Christmas present that will last the child a good couple of years. This particular trike has a retail price of around £99.99. Compared to other trikes it is more expensive but with the other trikes you aren't able to have the parent touch steering and use it for so long. It also comes in a choice of 6 colours which means there will be something for everyone!

Has your child got a Smart Trike?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent the Smart Trike in return for this review but also views and opinions are my own*



  1. How do you lock the handle bar?I bought one for my 12 month old and need to lock the handle bar..

  2. Has Paige changed that much in a year?!!!


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