Wednesday, 19 March 2014

22 Months Old

Only TWO months until Paige is Two!! I still can't believe it even though she is looking and acting more grown up by the day.

This month has been a big month for teeth. In true Paige style she has cut all 4 vampire teeth within a few weeks of each other and she now has them all. They still don't always show up in pictures but they have broken through the skin and are defiantly growing. It's going to be so strange to see her without any gaps. I've gotten so used to seeing the gaps! All she needs now are her 2 year molars and she will have a full set.

She is learning new words all the time and seems to be coming so far with her speech each month. She can now say there, please, spoon and poo! I can now ask her if she's had a poo and she will say poo and nod her head or touch her nappy. She also says oh no when she drops something.

She has learnt where her hair, neck, tongue and elbow are this month.

She also loves looking at her word books and pointing out animals and making there noises. She also tries to count so badly which is so cute. She will point at things and say two, three and then loads of baby chatter.

She has improved with her spoon/fork skills so much this month and hardly spills anything anymore which is lovely as I don't have to bend down and clean the floor after each mealtime. She loves food still and will regularly sit next to us with her mouth open like a little birdy just waiting for bits of our food. The cheeky thing! She loves banana, pasta and sandwiches. She still isn't keen on sweet potatoes and refuses to eat sweet corn even though she used to love it.

We did DIY measurements of Paige this past week. She is roughly 90cm tall with a head circumference of 49cm. She weighs well over 30lbs but I haven't weighed her in a couple of months. She is defiantly still a big girl and is wearing 2-3 year clothes. She is even out growing some of her 2-3 years pjs! I still find it so strange that she is so big... surely she will slow down soon!

She has a few favourite teddies which she still loves to carry around. She even shares her food and toys with them.


We haven't started potty training yet but she has defiantly shown some more signs this month. Mainly her telling us when she has a dirty nappy. She says poo and then touches the outside of her nappy. This literally happened over night one day. I started asking her when I knew she had a dirty nappy but she never really answered me, she is growing up!

I guess I better get a move on with her birthday party plans!!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. I can't believe she is nearly two. I still remember when she was born! That's madness! x

  2. How is she nearly two already! Dylan has always been big but is slowing down now so I am sure paige will soon too x

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