Monday, 3 March 2014

Bump Update - 21 Weeks

This week baby boy is around 27cm long. His eye brows and eye lids and fully developed and he can now blink.
I started sorting out Paige's things this week and we have a nice little pile of gender neutral baby things. I can't wait to see him wearing some of Paige's old clothes. I also got a lovely package from Jenna over at Chic Geek Diary full of some gorgeous baby boy items. Thank you very much sweetie.

I had one sicky day and I've found it so hard to sleep this week so I think that's why I didn't feel so good. It isn't that I'm too huge to sleep I just wake up various times a night and then struggle to get back to sleep. Paige has also woke up an hour earlier all week which hasn't helped.

Baby boy is defiantly getting so very strong and my friend even got to feel kick which was lovely. I feel him all the time now and there's defiantly a pattern coming clear in his movements. I'm feeling quite pregnant now and getting bigger by the day it seems. I'm still struggling to believe just how quickly this pregnancy is flying by.

My appetite was back but seems to have disappeared again. It seems to change on a daily basis. Somedays I can't seem to eat enough and other days I still have to force myself to eat. I was craving Philadelphia but that seems to have gone away. Apart from that no other cravings this week.

We still haven't bought anything but we may have decided on a first and middle name, which is very exciting. I won't be revealing this name until he is born, just incase we change our minds but we are starting to refer to him by the name and hopefully getting used to it and seeing how we like it.

During Paige's pregnancy I started my weekly updates at 21 weeks with her so from now on we can compare :)

Don't forget to check out week 20 if you missed it.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Looking fab - a proper little bump there!

  2. Gorgeous bump, you can see it really coming along now Eeek!! We call the little one by name sometimes too like if he moves in the morning we say 'morning ______' xx

  3. You have such a cute little bump sweetie and pregnancy really seems to suit you! I still can't believe how quickly your pregnancy is going though, baby boy will be here before you know it. xxx

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