Monday, 17 March 2014

Bump Update - 23 Weeks


Baby boy is now 29cm long and his hearing is much more developed.

This week I got ill, properly ill. Let me tell you it isn't much fun being ill and running around after a toddler. This has resulted in my appetite disappearing again and I'm very thankful for Paige because without her needing food I would probably have a hard time forcing myself to eat.

Walking or standing for a long period of time is getting difficult and I'm also experiencing some pain in my upper thighs and along my bikini line. Its normally an aching feeling after I'm stood for a long time but sometimes happens when I stand up from being sat down.

My belly is super itchy... I'm expecting more stretch marks soon to join the ones I got with Paige. With Paige I didn't get any until around 37 weeks but I'm expecting them sooner this time. I am using plenty of bio oil and general moisturizer to help with the itchy. I personally don't think you can avoid stretch marks, all I can do is keep my skin hydrated and apply cream to help ease the itching. I compared pictures to last time and I don't think I'm any bigger this time. I did pop sooner but it seems to have evened out. I'm also now sure if I've said this before but my belly button is defiantly sticking out now although it does still depend on his position.

Baby boys movements are crazy. You can defiantly see them from the outside of my belly and I'm starting to feel little feet in between my ribs.

I jumped on the scales this week and I'm now 10lbs up. If I gain 1lb a week until the end I should put on another 17lbs...  oh gosh!

To compare this week to Paige's pregnancy click here.

Don't forget to check out week 22.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. No its no fun being poorly and pregnant I do feel for you girls not being able to take anything, Well katy wouldnt even risk what they said was safe :- p

    Your bump is taking shape :D cant wait for you next update :-)

  2. Did someone say itching... My god. My bump itched so much in my third tri and for about two weeks after he was born. I had pupps I ended up scratching so much that my stretchmarks would bleed. I have the worst stretchmarks I have ever seen too!!

    I hope you are taking it easy missy, when you can. I know Paige keeps you on your toes! xx

  3. How fab you can compare pregnancy diaries! Sorry you have been poorly x


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