Thursday, 13 March 2014

Lovely Ideas to Document your Pregnancy*

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in any parents’ lives, but with all the excitement of the new arrival (and the endless sleepless nights) remembering those special times can get a little difficult. 

That’s why more and more expectant mums and dads are choosing creative and sweet ways to document those hectic 9 months so that they have something truly magical to look back on in the future and to show the child! We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite ideas on how you can do it too.

Start a series of ‘selfies’
Selfies are everywhere nowadays and they’re one of the easiest ways to document how you looked at each stage of your pregnancy. Take a picture of yourself and your bump will make for a really sweet series of photos especially when displayed together in a line. Aim to wear the same sorts of clothes so that the real emphasis stays on the bump.

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Create a time capsule to give them when they’re older
Time capsules are fantastic things to give your children when they’re older and you can make one filled with things from your pregnancy to show them just how excited you were to meet them! Choose a beautiful, special box to display things in like hospital records, ultrasound scans and even some of your cravings for them to try. 

Photograph objects that represent the size of your baby at each stage
This is a really popular one as most doctors, nurses and midwives often refer to our baby’s size development by comparing it to a fruit or vegetable. You could take a series of photos of these things to show them just how much they grow inside you.

Opt for a professional maternity shoot
If you want something really monumental and special (and want to feel glamorous for an hour or so!) maternity photo shoots are a lovely idea. You can opt for nude shoots to highlight your beautiful curves or go for something more playful with maternity photography from Venture Photography

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Start a pregnancy scrapbook
Scrap books are a lovely way to remember things as they can be disorganised and messy but they still look great. You could include literally anything in them that you feel has been significant, along with messages to your awaited arrival. 

Create an email address for them and email them
This is a good one for those who prefer something a bit more tech-y. Make an email address for them and frequently send your little one emails throughout your pregnancy. When they’re older, give them the address and the password so they can read them all! You could also upload video and voice recordings, too.

Start a baby blog
Blogs are so popular today, especially parenting/baby blogs. Expectant parents love reading about the trials and tribulations of other parents so it can start a really great community. Additionally it’s a great way to remember those stages of your pregnancy, and you can keep it going as the baby grows if you like. 


  1. Aww! You're right they are lovely ideas! I like the idea of the emailing :)

  2. Great ideas ! I have seen lots of the air pump ones ! I like the series of selfies simple but effective ! You are keeping a very comprehensive series of bump shots something I wish we had done . Lovely post :-)

  3. such lovely ideas when I have my first child I will so look into doing some of these :)


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