Friday, 21 March 2014

Moving House

It's no secret that I've wanted to move house for ages. This house was honestly a short term fix for us. Our previous was a mess, I couldn't take living there anymore and when a brick got thrown through the window on a snowy December morning that was it. We found this house within days of that happening. We were desperate to move.

This house has served us well. We have lived here for over 3 years now. It is our home. Its the house that we brought Millie home too, it's the house where we fell pregnant both times, the house where we brought Paige home and the house we woke up in the day we got married.

But we are out growing it, very quickly. It is a two bedroomed house with a tiny garden. With an energetic toddler and a baby due in a few months we need more space. Its time for us to move on as a family.

To make a new home.

I didn't think I'd get emotional about moving. I easily moan about this house several times a week but it's our home. It will always hold special memories for us as a family but we are ready for change.

I honestly believe that things happen for a reason. That brick was meant to be thrown through that window all them years ago, we were meant to find this house, to get Millie, to fall pregnant, get married and get pregnant again. Now we are meant to move on to our new house.

I remember talking to friends about the new house. I didn't want to get my hopes up and still don't, as crazy as that sounds. It was too perfect and the timing was too good. Even the house number is the same as the one where we are now!

We move in 1 week.

Only 1 week left in this house. After over 3 years it will be a big change but we are excited. Our new house is closer to Mark's work and has those all important 3 bedrooms we need. It has a lovely back garden which I'm sure Paige and baby boy will love in summers to come.

There will probably be tears (I'm a hormonal mess) but I'm happy, we all are. We can't wait to start our new adventure, I just never thought my emotions would be as mixed as they are.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

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  1. I'm the sort of person who gets really attached to things (cars, houses, items of clothes) which I can put any form of sentimental value on. So I can totally understand you feeling a bit sad about moving. When we left our old home I was so upset about leaving the home where we has got engaged, and what had been our first home together. But I was so excited about the next step too. We're hoping to move in the next year and when we do I'll have a heavy heart about leaving behind our first family home behind. But I know I'll be happy in a new home too, setting down new foundations for us all. And I know you'll feel that way when you move too, it'll be the home your bring your baby boy home to and where Paige becomes a big sister. x


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