Friday, 28 March 2014

Paige's Favourite - iPad Apps

Paige loves my iPad. I try not to let her play in it too much but sometimes it is a lovely distraction. The amount she knows how to do on it is scary. She knows how to work it better than me and mark!

She has her own little folder with a few apps inside and knows exactly where the folder is and how to get to it.

The apps she has are...

She loves all of these apps but defiantly has her favourites. She loves the cBeebies one. Her favourite game to play on it is the colouring in. She loves to colour and draw! 

Her next favourite is the Fisher Price animal sounds, it shows basic animal pictures, says there names and then makes the sounds. She loves copying the sounds and saying the names of the animals. It's so cute.

Her third favourite is PlayKids. This one is really good and I love it. She can learn colours, numbers and shapes. She loves the shape part of the game. It's so cute to watch her develop and learn. When I first downloaded the app for her she couldn't match the shapes to the object, now she has no trouble. The same thing happened with the pairs game. It's amazing how quickly they learn what they have to do and just do it. It still amazes me!

She doesn't play on iPad on all day obviously and normally plays when I'm in the shower. It keeps her entertained and in one place.

What favourite apps does your child like?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. The boys love the You tube APP and watching the gamer tube with lego city games on them :-p Charlie loves so many it would be hard to choose a favourite. Olivia would love the animal sounds one she crawls around barking like a dog at the moment it is the funniest thing ever! Harrys favourite is the Duplo train game :-)

    Daddy Space – UK Parenting lifestyle blog

    1. Paige has also recently discovered the Youtube app and somehow managed to find Peppa Pig. She's never even watched it before, lol!

    2. Ha Ha You Tube has everything :-p


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