Friday, 7 March 2014

Review - Superbreak Chester Zoo*

Days out at the weekends with family are some of my fondest memories along with holidays. With Paige we do try to take her to different places at the weekend when Mark has off work but without us having a car this can be difficult, especially while pregnant. I don't fancy packing up and jumping on a train.
We normally spend days out close by at parks, going on walks or visiting family. Sometimes its nice to change things up...
Last weekend we went to Chester Zoo. I used to go when I was little but haven't being in years and Mark has never being. Paige has also never being to a zoo. I was a little worried about how she would find it but she loved it and so did we!
We travelled there with my dad and his partner in their car. The journey was around an hour and the zoo was very easy to find. The parking was free which is a nice added bonus. The weather was also a huge bonus as it was sunny most of the day. If there is rain there are many places to hide away from it and still see plenty of animals. A lot of the animals are indoors and have indoor areas.

When trading in our voucher for zoo tickets we were given a map of the zoo. It points out all of the animals and places you may need like cafe's and toilets. Very handy when you have a toddler who's nappy needs changing or a pregnant woman that needs a wee!

The first animals we saw were elephants and to be honest if they were the only animals there then me and Mark would of being happy because Paige loved them! So much so we had to keep going back to see them. She also picked out an elephant teddy from the gift shop at the end of the day.

We walked around for probably an hour looking at some of the animals. Paige was mostly in her pram or running around acting like a little monkey. I did see people with little zoo buggies that can be hired but we chose to just use our pushchair. We stopped at one of the little cafes and grabbed a hot drink and a cake, I needed a bit of a sit down and a snack. The prices were a little more than your average coffee shop but not terrible.

We then walked around a little more before having lunch. We decided to take a packed lunch although there are restaurants at the zoo. There were plenty of out door places to eat your picnic but we headed for the indoor area which had vending machines, tables and chairs. All the facilities were of a good standard. They were all clean and tidy too.

The animals were all pretty easy to see and we didn't have a problem. There were ones that were hiding but we managed to see a lot of animals.

Paige absolutely loved running around and because it was early March the zoo wasn't hugely busy so she had plenty of room to do so. Mark was the one chasing her and making sure she didn't jump in the puddles. Next time I'd defiantly take her wellington boots if it had being raining or was due to rain. But she has loads of fun. She was interested in the animals but maybe she was a little young to actually take notice of them properly. Apart from a few of her favorites.

There were also water boat and a monorail that were an extra charge. I think we would of gone on these if it were a little warmer and Paige were a little older but we decided to give them a miss.

After around 4 hours of walking around I was tired and aching. We decided to stop by the red pandas and then head to the café again for a sit down. It was also getting a little chilly too. This café was right by the entrance and more of a self service type than a coffee shop. It was also a lot bigger than the previous coffee shop and perfect for children. They had plenty of high chairs and nappy changing facilities available.

The whole zoo was very family friendly as you would expect. I can imagine that in the summer months it would be a wonderful day out that I would highly recommend. I'd recommend it any time of year but for a pregnant woman walking around when it got chilly it was hard. The zoo has lots of animals and is quite big so at times I struggled to walk for a long period of time.
On the way out we hit the gift shop, it was huge! I could of got lost in there and very carried away. The prices of things weren't too bad but it wasn't the cheapest. We picked up a magnet for £2.50, Paige got a little elephant teddy for £9.99 and we also got baby boy a very sweet giraffe comforter/blanket which was £11.99.
We booked our Chester Zoo visit through Superbreak. Claiming our tickets with the printed voucher was super easy although we did have to queue up with everyone else but it went down very quickly and wasn't too much of a problem.
We had a lovely family day out and can't wait to go again!
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx
*Disclaimer- We were provided with free tickets to Chester Zoo in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own* 


  1. Looks like you all had a lovely day out. I love the zoo!

    Alex :) x

  2. What a lovely family day out :) Can't wait to take Amelia again soon x

  3. These photos are amazing sweetie and looks like you all had a lovely family day out together! A trip to the zoo is on my Summer Bucket List as the boys have never been! xxx

    Love From Mummy - UK Parenting Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you sweetie. It's defiantly on our list too so we can enjoy the nice weather!! Xx


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