Friday, 25 April 2014

A Big Girl Bed

When we found out that baby boy was due 6/7 weeks after Paige turned two we wondered if we would be able to get her transitioned into a big girl bed before he came. We thought this would be the easiest way to go about it rather than wait and have to deal with the transition and a newborn.

At our old house Paige was in the attic so changing her into a toddler bed wasn't very practical then so we waited until we moved. In our new house she has a bedroom which is next to ours and on the same floor which is perfect. We gave her time to settle into the new house and then started the transition.

We first introduced a pillow. Up until now Paige had just slept in her cot with a sleeping bag and we didn't have any problems. We added a pillow and she loved it! I was a little scared to give up the sleeping bag as I know how much she loved it but she also loved snuggling up in our bed with the duvet.

We decided to do the switch on a Friday night thinking that if there were any problems we could hopefully sort them out over the weekend and everything would be fine for when Mark went back to work Monday.

The first night Paige did amazingly well. She loved her bed which was originally a cot bed so just needed a few changes to turn it into a toddler bed. It doesn't have any sides so we pushed it up against a wall at one side. We thought about putting a mattress on the floor incase she fell but to be honest the drop isn't a drop at all. Its a very low bed so we weren't worried. She slept as normal and we had no problems.

The second night she was a little harder to get to sleep but again slept very well as usual. Each night since then she has slept very well.

She sometimes gets out of bed in the morning and will read to herself but she doesn't scream or make any noise. She often just lays in bed awake playing with her bear who she sleeps with.

She was 22 and a half months old when we made the switch and I think it was the perfect time! She uses a Gro to bed set and loves it. The pillow is attached to the sheet so she can't lose it while wiggling in her sleep. The duvet also zips onto the sheet to keep that in place and make sure Paige is warm all night. I would defiantly recommend this if you are wanting to transition your toddler.

How did your toddler react to a toddler bed?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Aww I'm so glad she adjusted well, it's a nice little weight off your mind isn't it. Rio went into his at 12 months because, being a boy, he kept climbing out of his cot and hurting we had a mattress down for a while then removed it.. currently hunting for a single low bed for him..eeek!

    1. It is. Awww bless him. So glad Paige didn't climb out of hers as we wouldn't have being able to move her at 12 months old. Hope the hunt goes well x

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  3. Aww bless her, she has taken to her new bed so so well. As you know we moved Evie into her 'big girl' bed last week too and she loves it. It does make me feel a little sad though as my baby is growing so fast! xx

    1. Thanks sweetie. Awww bless her. It does feel like such a big change. They are growing up too quickly xx

  4. Aaw bless her she did so well! We tried Sienna in a single bed with a bed rail on holiday and it didn't go very well! I have a post about it soon haha x

  5. Yay Paige! Not only is she absolutely gorgeous she is a big brave girl - Love her!

    Lotte xo


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