Monday, 7 April 2014

Bump Update - 26 Weeks

The baby is now around 36cm long and will start to open their eyes. He may also be able to hear me and Mark chatting away.

First up this week, my weight gain. For some reason this pregnancy I'm finding it quite difficult seeing the numbers on the scale going up. I know it's for a good reason but it's still hard. So far I've put on a stone. At this point during Paige's pregnancy I'd put on around the same so I guess me and baby boy are right on track but it's still hard.

I've also being so tired this week. I'm sleeping a tiny bit better but I think that moving really took it out of me.

Another not so nice thing this week... new stretch marks. To be honest this surprised me quite a lot. With Paige I didn't get any until very late on so the fact I have new ones already at 26 weeks is scary! I only have 1 or 2 new ones around my belly button. I know they are new because they have a blue tint to them, my old ones from Paige are white.

People also keep saying wow you look pregnant now... yep. I think that's kind of a given at 26 weeks pregnant with my second child. I'm not quite sure how they expect me to look.

So close to the third and final trimester... CRAZY!

Read Paige's 26 week update. Don't forget to check last weeks update if you missed it.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. It feels like it is going so quick, although I am sure it doesn't for you. You have a beautiful bump in there and I am sure an even more beautiful baby boy waiting to come out. ;) x

    1. Oh no Katie, it does! Its flying. Its so scary! Thank you x

  2. Wow you look amazing missus.. I darent even step on the scales but I'm sure I will find out at my 28 week app what the damamge is. Doesn't 36cm seem crazy?! X

    1. Oh mine never used to weigh me, I kinda liked that. I hope my new one doesn't weigh me too much. And it seems to crazy and they will get bigger and bigger!!!! Lol x


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