Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter Crafts

With Easter just around the corner I wanted to do some simple crafts with Paige. We didn't do any last year as I didn't really think that Paige would be interested. This year she is nearly two and really getting into painting and doing crafts. She loves it!
If you follow me on Twitter you will be very proud of what I'm about to write... I went onto Pinterest to find some fun, easy craft ideas. Me on Pinterest!! I have such a love/hate relationship with it but it is such a fabulous place to get great ideas from.
After a few minutes I found two cute ideas that I knew I wanted to try with Paige. The first involving her hand print and the second involving her foot print. I love that this is something really personal to Paige and that next year we can repeat them again and see the difference.
First up we tried the hand print. I painted her palm and two fingers and let her make the print. I then added the extra details and turned it into a cute little bunny.

The foot print was basically the same. I painted her foot and then we made a print, which she loved! She was giggling the whole time. It was so cute. Just like the bunny I added the final details to turn it into a little chick. The print isn't perfect as Paige is a wriggly toddler and smudged the print a little but I think it makes it look like the chick has a little wing.

I have to say I love these prints. Very easy and very cute. We did a few sets and have actually made them into Easter cards for her grandparents. I've let Paige do some Easter drawings inside the cards with pretty Easter colours. I've also added some recent pictures of Paige. As most of her grandparents live quite a long way I think they will really love the personal Easter gifts that cost us next to nothing to make.
Have you done many Easter crafts with your children?
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx


  1. What lovely ideas and I always love using their hands or feet because it means the painting also captures them for ever. Great idea which we may try. Like you, I really must try harder with Pin Interest!!


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