Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Me and Mine - April

Another month and another family picture. I am loving having these pictures to look back on. It feels so special to me and amazing that soon another little person will be in them with us. I can't wait!
This months picture didn't quite go to plan. I wanted a nice, smiley, everyone looking at the camera picture. I soon became to realize that with a nearly two year old and a big kid at 29 years old (Mark) this wasn't going to happen but I realized that the pictures we got are perfect anyway.
The first pretty much sums up this month just as it should. Mark giving Paige a kiss. She is such a daddy's girl lately that this picture is perfect. She wants to snuggle daddy, play with him and just generally be near him. He now comes home for his lunch as we live a lot closer to his work so I think she is getting a little more attached to him if that makes sense. It is so lovely to see and to be honest it gives me some Nicola time and time to rest in my pregnant state.
The next two are our failed attempts are us three looking at the camera and smiling. I have it down but Mark and Paige need some work I think, hehe. In the first Mark is trying to lick my ear. Yes he is a freak! In the second Paige was about to run away. I need to get used to the fact that these pictures are getting less likely to happen each month, especially when baby boy gets here. 


I also had to include this next photo as Paige took it all by herself. She got so happy when it popped up on the screen and she could see both mummy and daddy. So here is me and Mark as Paige sees us :)

This month I turned 25. This month was also our last full month with a 1 year old as Paige turns 2 in May. It was also our first proper month in our new house and I am ending this month at 30 weeks pregnant. The 10 week countdown to baby boys due date begins!
Thanks for reading and I will see you next month with my 2 year old!!
Nicola Xx

dear beautiful


  1. These are lovely and not fails at all. The fun and lovingness is so sweet and is really clear to see.
    Paige did very well with her photo of you and Mark x

  2. Lovely photos, and what exciting times you've got ahead!! #meandmine

  3. Argh a two year old!! Crazy stuff! Lovely pics, I think the ones that capture the moment like this are just as beautiful x


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