Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Me and Mine - March

I can't believe another month has flown by. Is it just me that feels like the year is flying?

I impressed myself this month. We actually got our picture very early on in the month when we went to the zoo. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a family picture. Again it isn't perfect but it's us three :)

March was actually a big month for us. It started with this trip to the zoo, Paige's first! It ended with us moving house!


It wasn't something that was planned at the start of the month but so far we are very happy in our new home. I was going to try get a picture of us on our first night in our new home but the day was so busy. I'm hoping that April's picture maybe in our new garden.

April means the start of the 3 month countdown to our baby boys due date and my birthday! Eeekkk!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx
dear beautiful


  1. Lovely photo. I hope Paige enjoyed her first trip to the zoo! And 3 month countdown, wow! That's gone so fast x

    1. Thank you sweetie. It really has gone so fast. And she loved it!! X

  2. Such a lovely photo Nicola, I hope you had a lovely day out at the zoo, it looks like the sun shone for you. I'm so excited seeing your photos and thinking its only a few more months until you'll be a four and not a three anymore. x

    1. Thank you sweetie. It did, it was lovely! Its going by so quickly! xx


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