Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Moving House with a Toddler while Pregnant

As some of you may know we moved house at the end of last month. Paige was 22 months old and I was 26 weeks pregnant.

Before the move I asked on Twitter and looked online for some tips... A few people said don't do it!

I actually didn't find the experience all that bad. I will admit that I did most of the packing with Paige's help, if you can call it that. We did most of it while Mark was at work mainly because we only had a couple of weeks to get things sorted. I left all the really heavy things for Mark to do as when you are pregnant you really shouldn't lift anything heavy. I labelled all the boxes with the contents after they were sealed up so we knew where things were.

On the day of the actual move we had my dad and brother helping out. I was looking after Paige as I couldn't help with the actual move. The first load off the van was me and Paige and some of her toys along with the sofa and a few other essential items. We then stayed at the new house while they all went back for another load. I think they made around 3 trips altogether which wasn't bad at all. Me and Paige played and just got used to the new house. Sadly things didn't quite go to plan with the unloading of things. Everything got dumped in the living room instead of being taken to the labelled rooms on each box. This annoyed me a lot as I couldn't move things myself so had to ask mark to do it all after he had just spent hours moving everything in the first place.

I probably found that the hardest thing... I couldn't help. I knew where I wanted things and where most things were as I had packed them but I couldn't get to them or unpack a lot because I couldn't lift a lot.

That evening Mark put our bed and Paige's cot up. I had read so much about how important it was for a toddler to be surrounded by their own things. It certainly helped Paige a lot. She took to the new house so well and seems so very happy here. Her room was the first to get unpacked along with the living room and kitchen.

My tops tips

*Label boxes while packing and make sure they go in correct rooms when unloading the moving van. It really would make life a lot easier when it comes to unpacking
*While packing get the toddler involved as much as you can. I had Paige help me pack her toys away and draw on the boxes. I think it helped her understand a little and she loved it.
*Get family and friends to help if you can. I think if I weren't pregnant we would of had someone look after Paige for a few hours so that I could of helped out without having to look after her
*Pack an over night bag with essential items in - this made getting dressed the next morning a lot easier as I had a spare change of clothes for everyone plus toothbrushes and things like that.
*Pack essentials like the kettle, milk and some food in a box within easy reach. The last thing you want to do is hunt through boxes to find everyday things
*Unpack the toddlers room first - make them feel as at home as you can. Favourite toys around them help
*If you are pregnant don't try to do too much. The two days after the move I was so tired and I didn't really do anything but it does take it out of you. Be the brains behind the move!

All in all I think the most important thing to do is to relax as much as you can. I think it rubs off on the toddler and helps them feel more at home.

During the move I popped my feet up with a cup of tea and Paige actually took a nap on me. Something that hasn't happened in well over a year. Even with the chaos of the move and boxes everywhere she certainly felt at home.

Do you have any moving tips?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Wow you are brave! lol x nice to take it easy and watch it happen around you though eh ;) x

    1. Hehe. I was nice but hard at the same time. Very strange situation x

  2. great advice! we're moving house when i'll be around 26 weeks pregnant and have a 20 month old to run around after! i'm now definitely going to make sure that the boxes are labelled and put into the right room! x

  3. You did amazing hunny.
    I have a feeling that when we eventually plan on moving this could come in handy ... maybe haha!
    I have bookmarked it because I love these tips.

    Thanks for sharing hun
    Lotte xo

  4. Well you did great did buddy thanks for sharing this amazing information this will helps a lot peoples.

  5. Next week I am starting to prepare our move to California and it seems such a stressful experience... I wish I had more time, but I guess if I have a good plan it should go smooth. Thanks for sharing, Nicola!

  6. Great article! Your tips are very helpful. We are moving at the beginning of the next year and I'm still only planning and making lists. I'll be 30 weeks pregnant when the moving day comes, but I hope everything will go right. I'm so glad that we don't have too much stuff for moving, and we have the greatest helping friends and relatives, and my mother-in-law to babysit our two-year daughter. Thank you for sharing your experience! It was a big luck to find this article.

  7. You post is so interesting and very inspiring! When I moved last time I had my 1 year old daughter and it was a bit complicated about packing. I had to use the moment when she is sleeping to can pack our stuff. You are a hero that you managed to do everything and even while you were pregnant. Well done!!


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