Friday, 9 May 2014

Baby Boy Buys #2

Time for another baby buys posts with some summer clothes for Paige thrown in for good measure :)

Me and Mark went shopping. We got items from Next and Primark again. I love the stuff they have, I can't help myself.

First up is Primark as we didn't get loads of things. We picked up two packs of sleepsuits. Mainly because baby boy needed some but for a pack of 3 they were only £7. I didn't really like the typical boy coloured ones so we got grey and white instead. Paige lived in sleepsuits when she was first born and they grow so quickly in the first few months that we didn't want to spend a lot. We got a pack of 0-3m and a pack of 3-6m.

Then we went to Next. Next really is a big weak point for Mark. I think he would buy the whole shop if he could. We mostly got items in 3-6m or bigger. Just because we want baby boy to get as much wear out of things as possible. These jeans are possibly the softest jeans I've ever felt. We also just had to get the football related tops as Mark is slightly obsessed with football. And the best brother top just had to be picked up along with the little man one. Two of the tops were 2 for £10, the little man top was £5 and the England top was £9. Again don't quote me on the prices as I'm not 100% sure.
We got Paige some shorts, vests and dresses for summer in 2-3 years. I'm hoping she doesn't grow too much in the next few months as she has been in that size for a good few months already. She really needed some summer clothes so these will be perfect when the sun decides to come out to play. The shorts were £9.50, vests were a pack of 3 for £9 and the dresses were £6.50 each. At least I think they are the correct prices!


 Mark also picked her up a very special dress for her birthday. She turns TWO next week!! I'll give you a little sneak peak at her dress. I love it so much and Mark picked it out all by himself.

We love shopping for our babies, so much so that we didn't buy anything for ourselves. I can't wait to see them both in their new clothes!
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx

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