Monday, 12 May 2014

Bump Update - 31 Weeks

This week baby boy measures around 41cm long. His arms, legs and body are finally proportional to his head.

I defiantly feel very, very pregnant now. I'm getting Braxton hicks every day. Walking a long way is getting hard. I'm also getting a pinching pain when I walk for long.

I'm finding it hard to sleep again and regularly have to get up to have a wee during the night. Baby boy is getting bigger and pressing on my bladder. Heartburn is also waking me up during the night and I now get it every single night.

I also had a midwife appointment this week. Everything was perfect urine and blood pressure wise.  Baby boy is still measuring a week behind but I know this doesn't really mean anything. Paige measured two weeks behind and was a very good size so I'm not worried. She had a good feel of my belly and baby boy is a still head down and in perfect position to engage. I've heard that second babies don't tend to engage until they are ready to come. Paige was engaged from around 34 weeks I think.

I haven't weighed myself in weeks so I have no idea how much weight I've gained now. I'm preferring to just let my body gain what it needs to. I plan on weighing myself around full term to see my final weight gain.

Don't forget to check out last weeks 30 week update and Paige's 31 week update.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


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