Monday, 26 May 2014

Bump Update - 33 Weeks

This week baby boy is getting even bigger and is still putting on around half a pound a week. He may also be around 44cm now. He should be head down and in position for birth but is unlikely to engage until I'm much closer to giving birth... I've heard that this is quite normal with second babies. Whereas with Paige started engaging a good month or so before she came.

My symptoms this week.. I randomly get heartburn if I lay on my right side. If I switch to my left it nearly always goes away, it's so strange.

I've also had a lot of Braxton hicks this week. I had tons with Paige too so it's very much the same this time. I'm still praying my labour won't be as long but we will see I guess.

Baby boy still moves around so much. When he moves now my whole belly moves and not just one place. I feel his hiccups around 3/4 times a day and some days I feel them in a different place each time. I'm hoping he is still staying head down as he is going to run out of room soon. You can nearly always see his hiccups from the outside too which is quite cool and I've actually managed to get a video.

This week has also started the tired and uncomfortable stage of pregnancy which isn't fun. I'm trying to slow down a little and take it easy but that's easier said than done with a toddler to run around after.

My feet are sometimes puffy at the end of the day but Mark will occasionally give them a rub and this helps a lot. I'm also trying to drink lots of water.

We also celebrated Paige's 2nd birthday this week and held a little party for her. It was quite tiring for me but totally worth it!

Don't forget to check out last weeks update and Paige's 33 week update.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Mother's Always Right


  1. You look amazing!!! Not long to go now :) Are you ready? xx

  2. You look incredible! I'm around 10 weeks behind you and already getting puffy feet and fingers - there's no hope for me! I didn't get any swelling at all with F until the very last couple of weeks, so I'm gutted to see it happening so soon now this time. Mind you, I guess I'm on my feet running around more this time what with another child to run after - sure you feel the same! So exciting to see the baby moving. It's one of the best things when you get the last stage of pregnancy I think. Increases the excitement of being near to meeting your baby! Thank you for linking up to the #BlogBumpClub again this week - I really love reading all these posts. Feels like we've got a proper little online antenatal club going! x

    1. Thank you. Awww that does suck. Doesn't help when the weather is warm either! It does, I love it x

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