Wednesday, 28 May 2014

First Time Painting

Can you believe that Paige made it to 2 years old without ever painting. We've done loads of crafts over the past few months but for reason I'd always left painting. We have done hand and foot prints with paint but that's it. Maybe I was too scared of the potential mess, I'm not sure.

For her birthday we got her some paint and paint brushes. She had no idea what they were when we opened them on her birthday but she defiantly knows now and loves them as much as I thought she would!

She's always loved colouring so I knew that paint would be a big hit too. She is quite funny about getting messy though. She doesn't mind when she is eating spaghetti bolognaise but when playing with chalks and things she hates her hands getting dirty. This was the main reason for getting the paint brushes as I didn't think she would like finger painting.

I laid down a washable mat and sat Paige at her little table. I then got card, paint, a paper cup and a paint brush. I was putting little blobs of paint onto the opened paper cup as a sort of pallet. She loved every second. It was so cute watching the concentration on her face as she mixed the colours. She preferred to stab with the paint brush rather than paint proper brush strokes. I think it's because it was her first time but after a few minutes she did realize that she could use longer strokes.
She loved painting so much and her first two pieces of art work are now displayed proudly in our kitchen. I can't wait to see what she creates next time and how her painting skills develop over the next few months as she gets older. She didn't really make as much mess as I thought she would. I think I had more paint on me from opening the tubs.

It looks like painting will become a favourite craft activity in our house. Does your little one enjoy painting?
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx


  1. Awww how adorable!! I want to let our 14 month old try painting but my partner refuses lol.


    1. Hehe, i'd give it go! They will love it. Just make sure you have washable paints hehe x


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