Thursday, 22 May 2014

Paige's 2nd Birthday

I didn't want to do anything too fancy for Paige's 2nd birthday but I defiantly wanted to do something to make it special for her as her last one as an only child.

We decided on a family day in the garden on her actual birthday and then a little party the day after with a few friends. We were luckily blessed with some lovely sunshine which made the whole weekend even more amazing.

Her birthday was spent mostly outside in the garden with family. We opened presents, played with new toys, ate cake and pizza. Her main present from us was a slide so Paige basically spent the whole day going up and down that. The joy on her face was amazing to see and she didn't stop smiling the whole day.

That night I spent making party food and cake. After all what's a birthday party without cake. I know I could of saved myself a lot of hassle and worry and just bought a cake but because I made her 1st birthday cake I kinda wanted to make her 2nd birthday cake too. Hopefully I'll make her cake each year and each year it will get better and better. I love baking and really enjoy it. I decided for a sprinkle cake because I think they look quite cool and seem quite easy. I really enjoyed making it and I think it turned out ok even if it is a little wonky. What do you think?

The next day came and so did her party. I actually had a couple of people cancel but all in all it was lovely with the few that turned up. We spent the day in the garden again chatting and watching the children play. We then ate party food, opened presents, sang happy birthday and tucked into the cake!

After a couple of hours people left and we got out birthday girl all to ourselves which I have to say was lovely.


We had such a lovely weekend and I wouldn't of changed a thing about it. I still can't quite believe that Paige is now TWO!
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx


  1. Aww! Looks like she had a lovely birthday!
    Fab cake and gorgeous photos x

  2. Ah gorgeous photos lovely, I love the cake and the photos of her with her Mummy and Daddy! I can't believe she is two, I still remember when she was born! x

  3. Happy birthday paige! Her cake is gorgeous x


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