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Review - Motorola Digital Video Monitor*

When I was pregnant with Paige I researched a lot into different baby products. One of the main things was a baby monitor. As a new parent sleep is probably one of the biggest things you worry about. Whether it's not getting enough or worrying that your baby is sleeping too long. A baby monitor can help calm your nerves, especially when you move your baby into their own rooms.

We first got a simple baby monitor and it did the job but I hated not seeing Paige. There's something about visual confirmation that puts you at ease even more. One of the reasons we never purchased a video monitor was the price. I'll be honest I thought they were too expensive and not worth the money.

Now I think very differently.

When Asda Direct got in touch and offered me the Motorola video monitor to review jumped at the chance. Paige is nearly two but I still use the baby monitor every single night without fail and with baby boy due in a couple of months I was in the market for a new baby monitor anyway.

The Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor has many different features. It has wireless technology, a 3.5 inch colour screen, up to 300m range, infrared night vision, out of range alert, stand, temperature display and 5 lullabies to name a few.

 The set up was very easy. All you do is put the batteries in and charge it up. The first charge is very important as it sets up the batteries for future battery length. I find I can have it charging over night while we are sleeping and then during nap times and when Paige goes to bed I can have it off charge and down stairs with us. The battery lasts fine that way but if it were to get low it does have the low battery alert which is very useful.

Some of the features I particularly love about the monitor are the screen and the stand. The screen is 3.5 inch and quite large. The quality of the picture is also very good during the day and via the infrared at night time. The optimal position for the camera would be mounted on the wall or on a shelf pointing at where your baby sleeps. At the moment we haven't done this as we are wanting to use the monitor for baby boy when he arrives. Although I do believe that we could buy a separate camera and control them both via the same parent unit which would allow us to have a camera in both Paige's and baby boys room.

You can also pan, tilt and zoom the camera via the parent unit. This feature is very useful especially if Paige climbs out of her bed in the morning and starts playing with her toys. I can still keep an eye on her wherever she is in her room.

I love the temperature display and the infrared night vision. Both are very useful and the infrared turns itself on as soon as the room gets dark enough so I don't have to worry about changing it over.

You can also have two way communication via the parent unit to the camera so if I wanted to I could talk to Paige. This is particularly useful if she is having trouble settling herself but she does often get a little confused about where the sound of mummy's voice is coming from, hehe.

The volume can also be adjusted and does go pretty loud. Lights also flash on top of the parent unit to display a visual form of the sound.

So far we have used the monitor for nearly a month and the only thing I don't like are the lullabies. There are five different ones and I will be honest I hate them all. They freak me out. They sound like funeral songs. Paige doesn't particularly like them either. Even though I would still recommend the monitor and think it is a great piece of baby equipment. After all you don't have to use the lullabies.

This monitor is also the winner of Mother & Baby Gold award for 2012/2013 and a Which Best Buy. I think it lives up to the awards and is a great monitor.

It retails for £130 which is a lot but considering how good the monitor is and how much it is used I would say it is a fair price.

I'd love to see some better lullabies on the monitor but I really am just being picky.

Have you tried a video baby monitor?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent the monitor for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*


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