Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Pregnant Belly

Why do people always comment on pregnant ladies belly's? They can't seem to help themselves.

It's one of the added things you have to deal with when pregnant. Because sickness, weight gain and a thousand extra hormones aren't enough on their own to deal with!

It isn't enough for some people to just say how beautiful your bump is. They have to comment on size and shape. Or compare you to their pregnancy, their friends or their neighbours daughters pregnancy who lives 1000 miles away! Whoever it is, it doesn't matter.

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Babies come in all shapes and sizes. So it figures that pregnant ladies will come in all shapes and sizes.

It's hard enough going through all the changes that pregnancy brings without the added pressure on how your bump looks. People comment if it appears too small, too big, too round, too high or too low.

Surely all that matters is the fact that you're growing a human being inside you. How amazing is that?! They start off as a tiny egg and sperm. They go through a journey that still amazes me. It honestly amazes me that my body knows exactly what to do and how to make a baby.

We need to cherish each day we get when pregnant. We need to celebrate our bumps and what they stand for. We need to not worry about what others think and trust our own instinct.

We were all different before we got pregnant so during pregnancy we will all be different again. Everyone carries differently and that's fine, it's normal.

A pregnant belly can be so deceiving anyway. You could be measuring small for your dates and end up giving birth to an 8 or 9lb baby or measuring big and give birth to a 6lb baby. So many factors come into play.

So let's not judge pregnant belly's. Let's just embrace them for what they are. Think about what you're saying to that already hormonal woman. Tell her she looks beautiful and glowing and not huge and puffy because it may just make her day.

Half the time we feel too small or too big. We don't need other people pointing out the sometimes obvious and making us worry or putting extra pressure on ourselves.

I wanted to put together a few pictures of woman at around the 30 week mark to just show how different we can all be but how each is beautiful and perfectly normal. A few lovely ladies from twitter helped me out so thank you very much lovely ladies!

Me pregnant with Paige

Me pregnant with Baby Boy

Jenna from @jenleerichards

Sara @pumpydavies

Hannah from Budding Smiles

Victoria from Walking Talking Polly Pocket

Kerry from Oh So Amelia

Lotte from Berice Baby

All different. All beautiful. All amazing.

Did anyone comment on your pregnant belly?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Mother's Always Right


  1. Ohh yes....People used to comment on my belly when I was pregnant....It was lovely to start with but did get annoying especially when I was nearly due and my bump wasn't very big.....

  2. i had someone tell me last week that i was "really low for 22 weeks" - which just made me worry!!

    1. It does! And that added worry can't be too good for you or baby x

  3. Ah, thanks for showing me and bump :-) It's true, people always have to comment don't they?! Or touch your bump too, uninvited, makes me squirm!xx

    1. Not a problem. Can you believe that no one has ever touched my bump.. maybe they know not to mess with me hehe x

  4. It is funny how people comment on bumps and bellies, but most of the time I think it is meant well but it comes out wrong! I always got 'wow you are huge' but I didn't take offence as I genuinely was! x

    1. Haha. I do think a lot of the times it comes out wrong, maybe people should think more. And you were blooming gorgeous not huge!! x

  5. Aww I hope I haven't offended you when mentioning your bump. I think sometimes people don't think and they don't mean comments in a bad way but I totally understand what you mean. I especially didn't like it if someone said I was big (I would then think baby was huge or I'd put on a ton of weight) or if they said I was small for how far I was (I would think there was something wrong etc)

    Great post x

    1. Don't be silly you didn't sweetie. I get what you mean. I honestly just think that people need to think more about what and how they are saying something x

  6. They like to touch it as well ! Go away !!! Great post really makes a good point !!!

    1. Haha, thanks James. No one has ever actually tried to touch my bump yet but I do hear of it a lot!

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