Friday, 16 May 2014

Tomorrow You Turn Two

Last year on this exact day I wrote this post.

I remembering writing it so clearly. I cried during the whole thing and now a year later I've read it again and cried some more.

I still remember the night before and the day you were born so clearly, I don't think I will ever forget. Another year on and my memory is a little more fuzzy but I always have your daddy's amazing memory to help me out and fill in the missing parts.

We all looked a lot different two years ago, especially you. I will always see you as my tiny newborn with dark hair even though now you are my beautiful toddler with such light hair. Its crazy how much you can change in two years.

Me and daddy have changed too. We got married during your second year and that day will always remain very special to us. In my eyes it sealed us together as a family and we now all share the same last name. We had aimed to get married before your second birthday but we never thought it would of being possible. We had also wanted to start trying for a little brother or sister before your second birthday too. Little did we know that we would be 7 weeks away from your baby brothers due date!

I hope you enjoy your special day tomorrow and your party on Sunday. I know you will be spoilt by all family and friends.

But for now mummy wants to remember the day you were born and remember her tiny little newborn...

All my love,

Mummy Xx


  1. Such a sweet post! Happy birthday to your baby! :o)

  2. Awwww this is so sweet ! I have just discovered the pleasure of writing to our LO's in my memoirs posts to Olivia ! Need to do a brothers one soon ! Great post :-)

  3. I love this photo of your beautiful family! You can see just how proud you are from that perfect look upon your face xx

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