Thursday, 1 May 2014

Would Mark Sleep In A Pink Bed?*

You may remember my quite recent post on Paige's transition to her big girl bed. I do say big girl bed in the post but it is in fact her cot bed, it just has the sides taken down to convert it. We decided on this option when I was pregnant with her as a way to save money in the long run. At the time we didn't want to buy a separate cot and then have to worry about a toddler bed when the time came but with this there are certain problems.

One of which is that her bed now isn't a full size bed. It will only last her for a few more years then we will have to buy her a proper big girl bed. We may do this as soon as 1/2 years down the road. Mainly because by then we will have another child. At the moment baby boy only has a cot so when he outgrows that we may transition him into Paige's bed and buy her a bigger one that will last her a while longer. We chose a cot this time round purely because we hadn't yet made the decision to switch Paige into her bed when we bought the cot. But i'm glad we did to be honest. I like the idea that he could use Paige's cot bed if needs be and then Paige could have her own new special bed.

Now, because I'm a planner I have already started looking at girls beds. Maybe a little premature but I can't help myself! It's like looking at prams when you first become pregnant, I just couldn't help myself! Ideally I'd love for Paige to help us make the decision when it is a little closer to the time for us to buy her a new bed as I think this will help her when making the transition into a new bed, although she didn't have a problem this time, next time might be a different story. She will then be a 3/4 year old who will probably have a lot more to say that she currently does.

A lot of other factors will come into play when we chose her next bed. What will she want then? What will her bedroom be like? What size bed do we get? We would want her new bed to fit into her bedroom decoration but also be able to last her until she is 10 years old, if not a little older depending on the size. If it were up to me I'd love her to have a pink, girly bed but she may not want that. Only time will tell.

I somehow don't think I'd be able to convince Mark that we should have one if Paige doesn't want a pink bed.
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