Monday, 30 June 2014

Bump Update - 38 Weeks

Wow... 38 weeks pregnant. Only two weeks left until we meet our little guy. Or so I thought. More
on that in a minute.
This week baby boy is still gaining weight waiting to make his big arrival.

The beginning of this week saw an increase in Braxton hicks. In fact they kept me awake for 4 hours during the night which wasn't much fun.

I also had a little heartburn and the general aches and pains that you get when you are heavily pregnant. I've being taking nightly baths which help soothe my hips. Baby boy seems to have dropped even lower and I resemble a very fat penguin! The pressure is quite painful especially when I walk.

And that is my 38 week update. Pretty short but not at all boring because at 38+2 my waters went and at 38+3 our little man decided to join us 11 days early. More on that in another post!

Don't forget to check out week 37. You can also read Paige's 38 week, 39 week and 40 week updates.

Thanks for reading

Nicola Xx

Monday, 23 June 2014

Bump Update - 37 Weeks

This week baby boy is still gaining weight like a little champ. He is also shedding the lanugo that once covered him. This along with the vernix from his skin will form his first poo... nice!

This week I am sore. I ache everywhere and my legs are so swollen that it hurts to walk. It's because baby boy is so low. This also adds to the pressure I am feeling very low down and in my bum.

My joints are also preparing for labour and loosening. I hear them crack many times throughout the day. I don't remember this happening with Paige but I guess it did. I've also had a little more heartburn this week but not as much as I had with Paige. If you believe the old wives tale them that means he shouldn't have as much hair as Paige did and to be honest I don't think he will. I will be shocked if he comes out with a full head of hair like she did.

I've also gained more lovely stretch marks or mummy marks as I like to call them. Makes them sound much nicer I think. I've gained new ones around my belly button and front of my stomach. With Paige I mainly got them on my hips. Maybe this is due to me carrying them both so differently.

I have stopped napping this week. I found that if I napped then I slept really badly at night so I stopped. I'm still so tired but find a better nights sleep helps more. Its also so uncomfortable to sleep as my belly is so big now.

Baby boy is still moving up a storm and hurts still. He's had a few quieter days this week but always responds if I touch my belly which is nice. I've also taken to having nightly baths to help with my sore joints and back ache. Speaking of back ache... I've had a few hours of regular pains along with back ache. All good practice but very annoying.

Don't forget to check out last weeks 36 week update and Paige's 37 weeks update. I also packed my hospital bag this week!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Friday, 20 June 2014

Weight Gain The Second Time Around

I've already grown a healthy 8lb 6oz baby. I know I can give birth and look after a newborn. I even know that I can lose all the extra weight after but it doesn't make it easier.

I, like a lot of women, find putting on weight hard. At my normal pre pregnancy weight I vary by about 1-2 lbs but stay within that range and I'm happy with that. During pregnancy with Paige I put on at least 2 stone.. Probably nearer to 2 and a half. I found it hard to watch the numbers go up on the scale, so much so that during my whole pregnancy I only weighed myself a couple of times at the midwife.

This time I feel the same. I know that the extra weight is needed for the baby and that's fine. I even know that considering my size I make bigger babies so extra weight is going to happen as a result of that. But it's still hard. I personally find the two stone mark the hardest. And this for me was reached at 35 weeks. I also find the last few weeks of pregnancy hard because I tend to swell, like many women do. My face goes puffy and my legs turn into tree trunks. My thighs get very swollen because of all the pressure from the baby.

I wouldn't say I'm huge. Pre pregnancy I'm a size 6/8 and right now I'm wearing normal size 10 trousers. Most of my maternity clothes are a size 8 and fit me fine. But I am petite at 5'4, I always have being so for me the extra weight tends to show a lot more or at least it does to me. I'm now 38 weeks and I've gained a total of 29lbs. A healthy weight gain for me during pregnancy is between 25-35lbs so I am well within that range but it's hard to see your body change so dramatically. A lot changes. You gain weight, your belly grows, your boobs grow, even your feet can change size!

In the end all that really matters is that your baby is healthy. If I have to go through 9 months of weight gain, stretch marks and hormonal breakdowns to have a healthy baby then that's fine by me!

But it's ok to struggle a little. Its ok to wonder how your body will look after. It's even ok to look in the mirror and not like what you see. If you feel down just look at your baby and look at the amazing little human that your body created!

Did you find weight gain in pregnancy hard?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Thursday, 19 June 2014

What's In Mine and Baby Boys Hospital Bags

When I was pregnant with Paige I was always on the lookout for advice and help. I spent hours researching everything from breast feeding to prams. Then as the weeks closed in and my pregnancy started coming to the end I started looking at labour and birth. Nothing can prepare you for that if it's your first baby because you just don't know how your body will react. Even now, second time around, I'm still not 100% certain on what to expect. Yes I have Paige's birth to go by but this time could be completely different. One thing that will be similar will be my hospital bags.

I never did a what's in my hospital bag post with Paige, I wish I had now as when I started packing it I couldn't for the life in me think what I used. With Paige I was in hospital for 17 hours after she was born. I'm hoping this time will be quicker but it really depends when baby boy wants to come. 

I'll start with my bag first as that's the boring part.

I have packed...
Maternity pads
5 pairs of underwear
2 pairs of socks
A maternity/nursing bra (review here)
A pair of maternity pjs (review here)
Flip flops
Bikini top (as I'm hoping for another water birth)
An old towel
Make up 
A coming one outfit (black lounge pants, baggy t shirt)
Another top (just incase)
Some pj pants and a maternity vest
Hair brush
Wash bag

In my wash bag I have...
Tooth brush
Tooth paste
Body wash
Face wipes 
Nipple cream
Breast pads 
Hair clips and hair tie.

For baby boy I have...
His giraffe comforter
A pair of mittens
2 pairs of socks
3 newborn sleep suits (8lb-10lbs) 
4 newborn bodysuits
3 bottles
3 bottles of ready made milk ( I plan to try breast feeding again but just incase it doesn't work out) 
Cotton wool pads 
10 Nappies 
A blanket 
1 small muslin cloth
1 Aden and Anais muslin

I also have a list of last minute things for Mark to pick up before we leave the house for hospital. Camera, charger, phone chargers and change. 

I haven't packed snacks as I couldn't eat in labour last time and if Mark wants anything that's what the change is for. At the birth centre we are also free to make toast if I really need something to eat and the shops aren't open.

We only live 5 minutes away from the hospital so if we need anything else or run out of anything I can get mark to pop back home. That's also why I haven't packed mark any clothes. I doubt he will stay over at the hospital if me and baby boy have to anyway because of Paige. 

What did you find useful in your hospital bag?
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

I am A World Cup Widow*

Mark loves football. He loves everything about it. While I have been counting down the days until baby boy is due, Mark has counted down the days until the World Cup started. We are now fully underway with the World Cup and I for one am bored already.

I'm not much of a football fan and at 9 months pregnant I'd rather stay home instead of going to see friends or travelling very far. This leads to a very bored Nicola with not a lot to do. I normally do some blogging or spend hours on Twitter but sometimes I want a little more fun.

Ladbrokes have introduced a fabulous little game just for people in my position. The Ladbrokes Bingo’s World Cup Widows card is a fun little game you can play while your other half watches the football. Simply cross off each thing on the list as it happens. My personal favourites are 'partner stands up for national anthem' and 'partner shouts ''REF'' at the screen'. Mark does these on a regular basis now the World Cup is upon us so I think I stand quite a good chance of ticking all listed activities off the card. Maybe I could have a little competition with Mark and if I manage to tick off all the items listed he has to wash up for a week! Obviously I won't let him see the card!

World Cup Widows

My plan for the next game is to watch Mark and tick off each thing as it happens. That will probably last the first half and then I will take my pregnant self off to the bathroom for a lovely relaxing bubble bath :)

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

25 Months Old

 I did wonder if I still wanted to do monthly updates for Paige after she turned two. I figured that while she kept doing new things each month I might as well record them, especially as she is due to become a big sister anytime now.

She's actually come a long way this month. Her naps are a bit hit and miss although she defiantly needs one now and will become very grumpy if she doesn't have one but will sometimes just refuse. She still loves Bear which is in fact a panda. She has also adopted another panda of mine.

She is learning to dress herself more. She can put trousers and tops on herself. She is also putting a lot more words together in twos. She has on occasion put three and even more words together but it isn't a regular thing. She also likes to sign along to songs, especially round and round the garden.

Her balance has come on so much this month. She can balance on one leg without needing support and now clears the floor when she jumps. Both feet come off the ground. She loves it!

Her love for puzzles has grown this month and she is getting pretty good. We are working on 6 piece puzzles now and she is so close to completing them on her own. She still loves to draw, paint and play with play doh.

She has also cut the first of her two year molars.

This coming month she will hopefully become a big sister. I can't wait to see her with baby boy and see how she will react to him. More on that later!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

Monday, 16 June 2014

Bump Update - 36 Weeks

This week baby boy is still busy gaining weight and is around 47cm long. Nothing else changes much at this late stage.

Clearly pregnancy brain is getting the better of me this week. If you look at my picture you may realize that my arm is positioned completely different to how I normally have it. I guess it doesn't really matter but it's just a little annoying. You'd think i'd know how I position my arms after 23 weeks of taking pictures!!

At the beginning of this week I felt an increase of pressure low down. I then noticed how much my belly had dropped. It is now really quite low, to the point where it looks lower than Paige's bump did at 40 weeks. I also started to find it hard and painful to walk. I officially waddle now and can't help it. I can't even pretend to walk normally.

I went to look around the birth centre this week. It is a different one to the one I gave birth to Paige in as we moved house. The birth centre itself is nice and I'm excited to give birth there. It is very relaxed and will hopefully be perfect for us. I thought that this appointment was just a look around but it included my 36 week check which I was very happy about as I thought they were missing it out. Everything was fine. Baby boy measures 34-35 weeks and he is engaged!! Very exciting although it doesn't really mean anything. I read so much about second babies not engaging until labour so I was quite shocked to hear them say he was engaged but after speaking to a few people it seems quite common and doesn't mean that he will come soon. They said I could be measuring slightly smaller as he has dropped down into my pelvis but they weren't concerned as on my chart he is just above the 50th percentile. They said if he had dropped below it I would being sent for a growth scan.

Apart from that not much has happened. Just a lot of pressure and pain when I walk. I'm still having regular Braxton hicks and occasional heartburn.

Don't forget to check out last week 35 week update and Paige 36 week update. Join me next week when I'm officially full term!!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Friday, 13 June 2014

Surprise Baby Shower

If you follow me on twitter you may remember me talking about if I wanted a baby shower or not. I was in two minds about it all. When I was pregnant with Paige, Mark organised a surprise baby shower for me at our house. It was such a lovely surprise but I didn't expect him to do it again this time. I know that some people don't bother having a baby shower for their second baby but apart of me wanted to, mainly because I wanted my pregnancies to be as equal as possible. Sounds silly I know. Anyway my lovely best friend was reading my tweets and text me to say that she was organizing something for me but it was a surprise so I'd have to wait and see.

At 35 weeks I finally got let into the secret, well kind of. She told me that she would pick me up and we would go out for a meal to catch up. I was so excited. We arrived at the restaurant and sat outside were some of my friends. It was a total shock.

After I was over the shock we all went inside and sat down. We had a lovely meal, chatted and played games. It was lovely to relax with old friends and celebrate baby boy.

My friend even had personalised chocolate bar wrappers made and also put together little thank you boxes for guests which were filled with sweets.

Baby boy got given some very lovely gifts and clothes which we are very thankful for. The gifts we received actually ticked off the few remaining items that we had left to buy. I later found out that my friend had asked Mark what we still needed.



It was so much fun and a perfect way to celebrate the little human growing inside me. The games were so much fun, even if they got a few funny looks in the restaurant. A pregnant woman shouting my waters have broken would do that!!

Thank you to everyone that came and a big thank you to my lovely best friend.

Did you have a baby shower?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

DIY Maternity Pictures

I wanted to record this pregnancy as much as possible. I'm not sure if this will be my last one or not. With Paige I took regular belly pictures but never took any maternity pictures. I hardly ever showed my face in belly pictures either. This time I made the choice to show my face in each and every belly picture that was posted along with my bump updates. I love looking at them already and seeing how my whole body has changed and adapted to growing a human. I also wanted maternity pictures. I didn't particularly want to pay a professional to take some pictures as I didn't think I'd feel comfortable enough in front of the camera so I asked Mark to take some for me. We also had a professional shoot done when Paige was 3 months and I hated every single picture so I think this put me off quite a bit.
I jumped on Pinterest and Google and looked at a few ideas for poses that I liked. Then we set about taking some photos. They didn't turn out exactly as I wanted but they were never going to as Mark isn't used to taking maternity pictures and to be honest doesn't really like taking pictures. But I think we got a few good ones and I am some what happy with how they turned out.
Below are a few of the pictures, I didn't want to bore you with all of them!

I didn't want anything fancy, in fact the best pictures I liked were very simple. I have said to Mark that if we were to have another child I'd defiantly want some professional maternity pictures doing. I also really wanted to include Paige in these pictures but she wasn't having any of it at all.
I still have a few more weeks left so do still have opportunities to take a few more pictures but for now I am happy with what we got.
Did you have any maternity taken? Was it worth it?
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Review - Nonabox May*

Another month and another Nonabox to look forward too. My box this month included just the new bits and pieces rather than a full client box. So in my box I got...

My Name Tags  £4  
Mabyland Wipe Bag £3.99
Berry White Organic Drink £1.69
Once Upon A Time Box Hat  £3
Once Upon A Time Box Bib £3
Aquaint Spray Antibacterial £2.80
Shea Mooti Balsamo 120ml £14.99

Total £33.47

I do like some of the products in this months box but I must admit that I do feel a little let down. It was one of those moments when I opened the box and felt disappointed. You pay £25 a month so the value of the box is still good but I think I was disappointed by some products.
I love the hat and bib. A neutral colour so perfect for a girl or boy. I also like the antibacterial spray but it is quite a small bottle, perfect for your changing bag though. I'm not much of a fan on the drink just because I like to be able to re use the products and once this is gone it's gone, if that makes sense. The name tags are a good idea but we don't have a use for them. The Shea Mooti product is ok. Its a thick balm for dry skin, stretch marks and scar tissue. I can't say if it works well as I haven't used it long enough but it leaves your skin feeling soft and can be basically used all over the body.
You can subscribe to Nonabox here. And don't forget to check out my review from April's box.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent this Nonabox for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*



Monday, 9 June 2014

Bump Update - 35 Weeks

This week baby boy is around 5.5lbs. He is running out of room so his movements are very, very clear to see and have for a few weeks to be honest. He is sporting full length finger and toes nails and has fully working kidneys. He is nearly fully cooked!

This week kicked off well with my baby shower. It was a wonderful surprise by my best friend. Baby boy got some lovely things and we had a lovely afternoon. I do plan on doing a post soon.

I also weighed myself this week and I am 2 stone up which is roughly the same as I was with Paige around the same time. It's nice that I haven't put on a huge amount more but I always knew that I was going to put the similar on again as pre pregnancy I'm only petite.

I've noticed a very faint linea negra above my belly button this week. It's that faint you can't even see it on a picture but it is there. With Paige I had quite a dark one. My ribs also hurt so much this week, not from him kicking them but just the weight of my belly is really hurting my sides, especially when I roll over in bed. I also noticed more stretch marks this week.

I've found it more painful to walk as this week has gone on. I'm feeling a lot of pain/pressure low down. At least it hopefully means that he is going in the right direction and getting ready for labour. I'm still having loads of Braxton hicks which are very annoying. They tend to last for around 2 hours each night.

I still can't believe I'm so close to having him. Only 2 more weeks until I am considered full term. I'm under no illusion that he will come early but a few days would be nice.

I am currently holding a competition to guess his birth weight so make sure you check that out here.

Don't forget to check out my 35 week update with Paige and last weeks 34 week update

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Friday, 6 June 2014

*Competition* - Guess Baby Boys Weight (CLOSED)

When I was pregnant with Paige I thought it would be fun to run a little competition for people to guess her birth weight. Now baby boy is due in a matter of weeks I thought I'd do the same.

What to do...

Follow this blog via blog lovin HERE
Leave me a comment under this post with your guess for baby boys weight and what name you followed me with. A twitter contact would also be useful so I can contact you if you win.

The winner will receive a £15 Love2Shop voucher. The competition will end when he is born and the winner will be the one closest to his birth weight. If two or more are the same I will pick one at random.

Some facts to help you out...

*Paige was born at 40+5
*She weighed 8lb 6oz
*So far my weight gain has been the same
*I'm measuring spot on for my dates
*Below is a picture comparing both my week 34 bumps. Left is Paige. Right is baby boy

*My due date is July 4th. You can also leave a guess for his actual birth date if you like, just for fun.

Good luck and lets hope baby boy arrives safely and not too late :p

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Review - OiOi Ivory Patent Leather Tote*

Becoming a mum has changed me in some ways. I think it changes everyone to a certain degree. I'm still the same woman that likes the same things but I've made slight changes to these things to adapt to being a mum.

One thing I loved before getting pregnant was handbags. Now pregnant for the second time and having a toddler I still love them but I've swapped handbags for changing bags. Don't get me wrong I have used handbags as changing bags but sometimes they just aren't practical. What you need is a great inbetween. A changing bag that looks like a handbag.

The OiOi Ivory Patent Leather Tote is just that. At first glance the bag doesn't look like a changing bag at all. In fact it looks like a gorgeous handbag. When you un zip the bag you are greeted with all the handy things included in changing bags.

Some details about the bag...

  • patent leather with buckle detailing
  • one main compartment with internal pockets
  • nylon lining and accessories
  • large padded microfibre change mat
  • insulated bottle holder
  • pvc wipes bag
  • protective metal feet on base
  • fixed stroller straps
  • long adjustable web shoulder strap
  • carebag with drawstring included
  • Height: 42 cm (16.5"), Width: 32cm (12.5"), Gusset: 18cm (7")

  • The outside of the bag itself is gorgeous. I regularly find myself just staring at it (yes I am one of those people). The attention to detail and quality is amazing. I love the added details of the buckles and the outside zipped pocket, I tend to keep my phone in here so it's easy to reach if I need it.

    I also love that the OiOi logo isn't in your face. It cleverly blends in with the bag but is there to show you who the bag is by at the sides of the bag. I am also in love with the stroller straps which are included. With a few high end changing bags you have to purchase the stroller straps separately. It isn't always convenient to carry your changing bag and sometimes it is very useful to be able to hang it off your stroller. 

    On the bottom of the bag are 5 metal feet. These are great for lifting the bag off the floor and stopping it getting dirty. It just helps protect the bag a little and helps it last that bit longer. A great added feature in my opinion.

    Inside the bag you will find everything a normal changing bag has... Pockets!! I love pockets, especially since having Paige. They keep your bag so organised and tidy. I hate the feeling of digging through a bag and not being able to find what you are looking for. When you have a crying baby or a screaming toddler this can be very stressful. This bag is pretty big so I would get annoyed if I couldn't find what I was looking for but with the pockets this doesn't happen. Although the bag is on the bigger side it isn't uncomfortable to carry, I personally love a big bag and with nearly two children I need the space!

    You get a small zipped pocket on the outside as I mentioned earlier. Inside you also get another zipped pocket. In here I tend to keep more my things. You also get a large pocket with two other smaller pockets on the opposite side. These are where I keep things for Paige that I reach for most often. Mostly snacks, nappies and little activities for her to do if we are out. The rest of the bag is still very spacious leaving you room for other essential things.

    The bag does come with it's own colour coordinated accessories which I love aswell. They all go so nicely with the bag and are a great addition. You get a bottle holder, changing mat, wipes case and a small zipped wet bag. We don't currently use the bottle holder but will when baby boy gets here. It holds both Tommee Tippee and Dr Browns bottles without a problem.  The changing mat is quite padded and a good size. One thing I would say about the mat is that way it folds up. It rolls up and is secured with Velcro. I'm personally not a fan, I'd rather have a changing mat that folded up just because I find it easier than messing around with Velcro but one good thing about it is that it keeps it neat and tidy in the bag and fits perfectly. I'd also like the zipped  wet bag to be a little bigger. I normally use these bags to put a spare outfit change in. I've no idea if that the intended use but I find it works well. I just pop an extra outfit in them and if Paige's original outfit gets dirty or her nappy leaks I can change her then pop the dirty/wet outfit into the wet bag and it doesn't get anything else in the bag dirty. I do find this wet bag slightly too small to fit her outfit in but it would be fine for a baby with smaller clothes or for use with less weighty clothes rather than jeans and a jumper. Last up is the wipes case.. can you believe I've never actually owned one of these? I've always just popped a packet of wipes into my changing bag. But it is a handy little case and means that the wipes stay where you put them in the bag and don't get squashed like a packet of wipes can. The wipes stay nice and wet but don't get anything else in the bag wet.

    I love this bag. I think its stylish, practical and great quality. The bag retails at £220 which is expensive but considering the quality and how long you use it for I think it's reasonable. You could easily use the bag for two years with one child and then save it for future children. If you weren't planning on more children you could defiantly use the bag as a normal handbag and no one would know the difference.

    This bag also won the best changing bag over £150 in 2013.

    Don't forget to check out for other gorgeous changing bags, changing mat sets, blankets and muslins. They also do a lovely range of mens changing bags.

    Thanks for reading,

    Nicola Xx

    *Disclaimer - I was sent the bag for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

    Wednesday, 4 June 2014

    Baby Boy Buys #3

    Another baby boy buys post. I do enjoy doing these posts. I love that I can keep track of all the little things we have got for baby boy. This time everything is from Matalan.

    We don't normally shop at Matalan. In fact I don't think we have shopped there since Paige was tiny but I decided to do a spot of online shopping and Matalan is where I ended up. They actually have some pretty cute stuff. In my mind I wanted some newborn things. Baby boy has 0-3 months and bigger sizes but he didn't have anything smaller. Matalan's newborn range is for 8-10lbs so I'm hoping these will be perfect to pop into my hospital bag and be the first clothes that he wears.

     As you can see most of things we got were quite basic. I didn't want to go mad on newborn sized clothes as we have no idea how big he is going to be. If he comes out smaller than we think then I will just send Mark out to the shop after the first couple of days to buy some things in a smaller size. I also wanted a blanket for him as all we have so far are neutral ones from when Paige was a baby. The socks were £1.75 in the sale. The hat was £2 and the blanket was £9.

    This 5 pack of bodysuits was £6 and they have a super cute sea theme. The little dino dude and happy little chappy sleepsuits were only £3 each, again in the sale.

    This next sleepsuit made its way into my basket because Mark is obsessed with football and I new that he would love it. It was £5.

    It's getting very real now!

    Do you shop at Matalan for your little one?

    Thanks for reading,

    Nicola Xx

    Tuesday, 3 June 2014

    Review - Degustabox May*

    Haven't heard of Degustabox? I will admit that up until about a month ago I hadn't heard of them either. Degustabox are a monthly, no commitment necessary, surprise food box service. You sign up,  pay £12.99 a month and receive a surprise selection of food items. You can cancel at any time.

    Degustabox is a great way of finding and trying out new products that you may not have discovered otherwise.

    When Degustabox first got in touch and asked me to review a box I was a little unsure. I'll be honest, i'm a very picky eater. I don't enjoy trying new things so I thought the whole idea of a box full of surprise food items would be a nightmare for me but I'm pleased to say it wasn't. In fact I looked forward to receiving the box and couldn't wait to try the products inside.

    So what was inside our box...

    Garofalo Pasta £1.89
    Cawston Apple drink £1
    Taylors of Harrogate tea bags £2.99
    2x Raw chewing gum £0.99 each
    Cirio Passata £1.35
    Cirio Puree £1.10
    2x Hornby's cider £5 for 4
    Kettle Sweet Potato Chips £2.49
    Lizi's Granola £1.29
    Elizabeth Shaw Flutes £2.59
    Dr. Oetker Cake Release Spray £2.28

    The contents come to a total of £21.46. I love the value for money in these boxes. The fact that you pay just £12.99 a month including delivery and receive these many products is great.

    The box included a lot of brands that both me and Mark had never heard of before but also some of our favourite's including Kettle and Dr. Oetker. Mark has found a new favourite cider in the Hornsby's and I've really got back into baking recently so the cake release spray is amazing. Neither of us are a big fan of flavoured tea but we tried the Taylors tea bags and then gave them to my dad to try out.

    We regularly eat pasta, passata and tomato puree but normally buy cheaper brands. The ones in the box are more expensive than what we normally buy but the taste is that bit better.

    Not all of the products in the box would be something that we would buy but I love that you get to try them out and possibly find new brands that you love.

    Overall I am very impressed with the Degustabox and I can't wait to see what is in next months box.

    If you use the code QDUWR you will receive a £3.00 discount when you register with Degustabox! Don't forget to check out the Degustabox website, Facebook and Twitter.

    Have you tried the Degustabox?

    Thanks for reading,

    Nicola Xx

    *Disclaimer - We were sent this box for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are our own*
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