Tuesday, 17 June 2014

25 Months Old

 I did wonder if I still wanted to do monthly updates for Paige after she turned two. I figured that while she kept doing new things each month I might as well record them, especially as she is due to become a big sister anytime now.

She's actually come a long way this month. Her naps are a bit hit and miss although she defiantly needs one now and will become very grumpy if she doesn't have one but will sometimes just refuse. She still loves Bear which is in fact a panda. She has also adopted another panda of mine.

She is learning to dress herself more. She can put trousers and tops on herself. She is also putting a lot more words together in twos. She has on occasion put three and even more words together but it isn't a regular thing. She also likes to sign along to songs, especially round and round the garden.

Her balance has come on so much this month. She can balance on one leg without needing support and now clears the floor when she jumps. Both feet come off the ground. She loves it!

Her love for puzzles has grown this month and she is getting pretty good. We are working on 6 piece puzzles now and she is so close to completing them on her own. She still loves to draw, paint and play with play doh.

She has also cut the first of her two year molars.

This coming month she will hopefully become a big sister. I can't wait to see her with baby boy and see how she will react to him. More on that later!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


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