Monday, 16 June 2014

Bump Update - 36 Weeks

This week baby boy is still busy gaining weight and is around 47cm long. Nothing else changes much at this late stage.

Clearly pregnancy brain is getting the better of me this week. If you look at my picture you may realize that my arm is positioned completely different to how I normally have it. I guess it doesn't really matter but it's just a little annoying. You'd think i'd know how I position my arms after 23 weeks of taking pictures!!

At the beginning of this week I felt an increase of pressure low down. I then noticed how much my belly had dropped. It is now really quite low, to the point where it looks lower than Paige's bump did at 40 weeks. I also started to find it hard and painful to walk. I officially waddle now and can't help it. I can't even pretend to walk normally.

I went to look around the birth centre this week. It is a different one to the one I gave birth to Paige in as we moved house. The birth centre itself is nice and I'm excited to give birth there. It is very relaxed and will hopefully be perfect for us. I thought that this appointment was just a look around but it included my 36 week check which I was very happy about as I thought they were missing it out. Everything was fine. Baby boy measures 34-35 weeks and he is engaged!! Very exciting although it doesn't really mean anything. I read so much about second babies not engaging until labour so I was quite shocked to hear them say he was engaged but after speaking to a few people it seems quite common and doesn't mean that he will come soon. They said I could be measuring slightly smaller as he has dropped down into my pelvis but they weren't concerned as on my chart he is just above the 50th percentile. They said if he had dropped below it I would being sent for a growth scan.

Apart from that not much has happened. Just a lot of pressure and pain when I walk. I'm still having regular Braxton hicks and occasional heartburn.

Don't forget to check out last week 35 week update and Paige 36 week update. Join me next week when I'm officially full term!!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


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