Monday, 23 June 2014

Bump Update - 37 Weeks

This week baby boy is still gaining weight like a little champ. He is also shedding the lanugo that once covered him. This along with the vernix from his skin will form his first poo... nice!

This week I am sore. I ache everywhere and my legs are so swollen that it hurts to walk. It's because baby boy is so low. This also adds to the pressure I am feeling very low down and in my bum.

My joints are also preparing for labour and loosening. I hear them crack many times throughout the day. I don't remember this happening with Paige but I guess it did. I've also had a little more heartburn this week but not as much as I had with Paige. If you believe the old wives tale them that means he shouldn't have as much hair as Paige did and to be honest I don't think he will. I will be shocked if he comes out with a full head of hair like she did.

I've also gained more lovely stretch marks or mummy marks as I like to call them. Makes them sound much nicer I think. I've gained new ones around my belly button and front of my stomach. With Paige I mainly got them on my hips. Maybe this is due to me carrying them both so differently.

I have stopped napping this week. I found that if I napped then I slept really badly at night so I stopped. I'm still so tired but find a better nights sleep helps more. Its also so uncomfortable to sleep as my belly is so big now.

Baby boy is still moving up a storm and hurts still. He's had a few quieter days this week but always responds if I touch my belly which is nice. I've also taken to having nightly baths to help with my sore joints and back ache. Speaking of back ache... I've had a few hours of regular pains along with back ache. All good practice but very annoying.

Don't forget to check out last weeks 36 week update and Paige's 37 weeks update. I also packed my hospital bag this week!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. I love how this has justgone live yet your still in labour or already have your little one! Super excited for yourlittle fam-a-lam! Xxx

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