Wednesday, 18 June 2014

I am A World Cup Widow*

Mark loves football. He loves everything about it. While I have been counting down the days until baby boy is due, Mark has counted down the days until the World Cup started. We are now fully underway with the World Cup and I for one am bored already.

I'm not much of a football fan and at 9 months pregnant I'd rather stay home instead of going to see friends or travelling very far. This leads to a very bored Nicola with not a lot to do. I normally do some blogging or spend hours on Twitter but sometimes I want a little more fun.

Ladbrokes have introduced a fabulous little game just for people in my position. The Ladbrokes Bingo’s World Cup Widows card is a fun little game you can play while your other half watches the football. Simply cross off each thing on the list as it happens. My personal favourites are 'partner stands up for national anthem' and 'partner shouts ''REF'' at the screen'. Mark does these on a regular basis now the World Cup is upon us so I think I stand quite a good chance of ticking all listed activities off the card. Maybe I could have a little competition with Mark and if I manage to tick off all the items listed he has to wash up for a week! Obviously I won't let him see the card!

World Cup Widows

My plan for the next game is to watch Mark and tick off each thing as it happens. That will probably last the first half and then I will take my pregnant self off to the bathroom for a lovely relaxing bubble bath :)

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


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